I Have a Problem

17 Sep

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The Diet for a Pleasant Career

17 Sep


Book Reviews: Devada & Divulgence by Tich Brewster

17 Sep



Angels and demons, God and Satan, heaven and hell ~
What do you do when you find out
that these things are not some made-up fantasy but they are real?
And not only are they real but you were created to fight in warfare against the demons? 

Hannah’s life is turned upside down when she
discovers that everything she thought was fictional is actually real. Everyone
she loves is in danger and to top it off, she learns that she is a Devada. She
was created to kill demons. 

Will she be able to learn and master her Devada
abilities before the demons find her?

I received a free copy of this book for an honest review.
This is one of those novels in which the main character, Hannah, is a normal teenager whose life is turned upside down when she finds out that she’s anything but normal. Although it begins with this common theme, it moves quickly into its own story and I really enjoyed it.
Along with all of the demons and angels there is also a touch of romance, which was sweet. Hannah’s character was well developed and it was fun to read about her emerging powers.
The only things about this book that I would change are the misspelled words and frequent tense changes. I tried to overlook them but they seemed to get worse as the story progressed. Despite that, I still recommend Devada.

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How Long Will it Take to Read?

16 Sep



16 Sep


I Opened a Book

16 Sep


You can find magic wherever you look…

16 Sep



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