Book Review: Clonmac’s Bridge by Jeffrey Perren

23 Nov

20687166Title: Clonmac’s Bridge

Author: Jeffrey Perren

Genre: Historical Fiction/Suspense

Publication Date: March 22, 2014

Summary (from Goodreads):

A maritime archaeologist recovers Ireland’s earliest bridge near Clonmacnoise Monastery – only to find it intact after 1,200 years underwater.

What could account for this astonishing longevity – and why are his colleagues and the Church desperate to stop him finding out? And why is his consummate love his greatest enemy?

Griffin Clonmac will go through hell to find out.


I received a free ecopy of this book for an honest review.

Clonmac’s Bridge has a lot of history and drama as well as a little romance and some twists.

I like the way this is actually 2 different stories in different centuries that are connected by a bridge. Jeffrey Perren’s writing flows well and is very descriptive. There were times it was a little too descriptive, though, such as the when they were¬†building the bridge, but that’s my personal taste.

The main characters, Griffin and Maria and Riordan, are all driven people with morals which seem to be lacking in many of the characters. Almost all of the people who are against what they are doing are not realistic because they are so evil. The one exception is Miguel who truly loves Mari and tries to do the right thing.

Clonmac’s Bridge is a good story that kept my interest throughout. I think anyone who likes historical fiction and suspense would enjoy it.

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Book Review: Dizzy Miss Lizzie by R. M. Clark

22 Nov


DML_cover_2014Dizzy Miss Lizzie , a middle grade mystery
original release March 7, 2012 – to be re-published by Writers AMuse Me Publishing on November 22, 2014!

Thirteen-year-old Kasey Madrid finally has the freedom she’s always wanted. Instead of putting up with sitters or camps, she can spend the summer home alone in their “new” house. Never mind that the house is a creepy old place built in the nineteenth century. The creep factor skyrockets when Kasey meets a nineteenth-century girl named Lizzie Bellows in the basement. It takes some time for Lizzie to convince Kasey she’s not a ghost, though neither girl understands why they can see each other when they live 120 years apart. The difference in their worlds doesn’t stop the two from becoming fast friends. Lizzie’s life isn’t easy though. In her time, her parents died in a fire many believe Lizzie started herself. As the summer passes and Kasey learns more about her own past, she is shocked to discover Lizzie is part of a terrible Madrid family secret. It’s up to Kasey to go back to Lizzie’s world to unlock the secret and clear Lizzie’s name.

Read the first chapter here: Dizzy Miss Lizzie, Chapter 1



I received a free ecopy of this book for an honest review.

Dizzy Miss Lizzie is a middle grade mystery about a family that moves into an old house and Kasey, the 13 year old girl, find another 13 year old living in a secret room in the basement. This girl, Lizzie, lives in the 1800s, though. Kasey and Lizzie become friends quickly.

That’s just the beginning! Kasey and her best friend, Paula, investigate to find out more about Lizzie. There’s also a cane that seems to be important in helping them to see Lizzie. Everyone they show the cane to seems too interested in it. What they find out about Lizzie and the cane, especially near the end of the book, is surprising and terrifying.

R.M. Clark’s writing style is great for middle grade readers. It’s easy to read and flows well. The characters are realistic and well described.

This is a good mystery that kept my interest throughout. I think any middle grade reader, and older readers, would enjoy it.





About the Author

bio_photoR. M. Clark is a computer scientist and adult and childrens’ book writer who lives in a small New England town with his wife, two sons, one dog and one cat. He is currently at work on his latest middle grade mystery.

Dizzy Miss Lizzie, has been nominated for a
“2014 Next Generation Indie Award”
and for a
“2014 NIEA Award

The Most Important Thing in the World

21 Nov



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