Book Review: Bravo and Elphie by Hagit Oron & Or Oron

24 Jul



Bravo, Elphie’s new pet, is stuck on top of the red slide.
Elphie never climbs the red slide. It’s so high, its goes all the way into the sky.
But now he needs to embrace himself and gather up his courage to rescue Bravo.
Good thing he never leaves the house without his cape!
Join Elphie and Bravo on this colorful bittersweet adventure.

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My Review

I received a free ecopy of this book from the author for an honest review. I had read Elphie and Dad Go on an Epic Adventure earlier this year and was happy to read this one as well because I was impressed by it.

Bravo and Elphie is a great book for young children. The colors are so bright and really catch your eye. The story is also a good one. Elphie gets a pet rat, named Bravo, from his mom and they decide to go to the park to play. Poor Bravo gets stuck at the top of the slide. Elphie has never gone down the slide because it’s so scary but he has to save Bravo!

Elphie learns an important lesson about facing his fears. Even though he was scared going down the slide, he was able to do it. What a great lesson for young children to learn!

Bravo and Elphie is a cute story that will keep the attention of young children because of the story and the colorful pictures.


About the Authors

B12vcCTIG0S._UX250_Hagit R & Or Oron are a mother and daughter who love to create, imagine, laugh and have fun together.
Hagit R is an electronics engineer. She writes computer code by day, but when she takes off her suit she lets her imagination run wild. Really, it takes her to such weird places, words aren’t able to describe.
Or is a graphic designer by day and an illustrator by night. Imagination is the biggest tool in her toolbox. Really, it’s as big as a continent.
Together they are an undefeatable team. Their mission is to bring joy and happiness to kids and parents all around the world.
How? One picture book at a time.



Short Story Review: Mortal Veil by Vanessa Fewings

23 Jul

29069128Title: Mortal Veil (Stone Masters Vampire #2.5)

Author: Vanessa Fewings

Genre: Paranormal, Short Stories

Publication Date: January 1, 2011


About the Book

(from Goodreads)

With no recollection of the last three years of his life, Zach Harris finds himself stumbling back down the rabbit hole when his new friend Feebs takes him searching for answers. The only clues: a mysterious bank deposit of a half-million pounds and Zach’s branded-black tattoo of a raven. Their quest for the truth will lead them to the seediest parts of London, and Zach will have to face the unspeakable truth of a past better off forgotten.
A short story from V.M.K. Fewings’ beloved Stone Master’s series, “Mortal Veil” features familiar characters in the always-sexy Belshazzar’s night club, favorite hangout of England’s most wicked vampires. Fewings brings vampire fiction back to its Anne Rice roots with dark deeds and delicious monsters. Fans eagerly awaiting Fewings’ new release Dominon will love this return to the world of nightwalkers, and new readers will get their first taste of this thrilling series that gives vampires back the dangerous allure they’ve held on readers since Dracula first hit shelves.

Available on Amazon.


My Review

I received a free ecopy of this short story for an honest review.

I ran across this short story on my TBR list and didn’t understand why I hadn’t read it already since it’s only 26 pages. I figured out later that it’s book #2.5 in the Stone Masters Vampire Series. It actually stands on its own as a short story, though.

The main character, Zach, has lost the last 3 years of his life. He has no memory of where he’s been or what he was doing. His new friend, “Feebs,” decides to help him try to figure it out.

What they find is a shock (to them and me). This was a good short read. Now I’m definitely going to have to read the rest of this series!


About the Author

1507905Vanessa Fewings is the bestselling romance author of the highly acclaimed Enthrall Sessions.

Vanessa is also the author of The Stone Masters Vampire Series. Prior to publishing, Vanessa worked as a registered nurse and midwife. She holds a Masters Degree in Psychology. She has traveled extensively throughout the world and has lived in Germany, Hong Kong, and Cyprus.

Born and raised in England, Vanessa now proudly calls herself an American and resides in California with her husband.


Instagram: @vanessafewings


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Book Review: The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman

20 Jul



The Ocean At the End of the Lane

Title: The Ocean at the End of the Lane

Author: Neil Gaiman

Release Date: June 28, 2016

Publisher: William Morrow

Genre: Coming of Age, Fantasy

Format: Ebook/Paperback/Hardcover/Audio


UK National Book Awards 2013 “Book of the Year”

“Fantasy of the very best.” Wall Street Journal

A middle-aged man returns to his childhood home to attend a funeral. Although the house he lived in is long gone, he is drawn to the farm at the end of the road, where, when he was seven, he encountered a most remarkable girl, Lettie Hempstock, and her mother and grandmother. He hasn’t thought of Lettie in decades, and yet as he sits by the pond (a pond that she’d claimed was an ocean) behind the ramshackle old farmhouse where she once lived, the unremembered past comes flooding back. And it is a past too strange, too frightening, too dangerous to have happened to anyone, let alone a small boy.

A groundbreaking work as delicate as a butterfly’s wing and as menacing as a knife in the dark, The Ocean at the End of the Lane is told with a rare understanding of all that makes us human, and shows the power of stories to reveal and shelter us from the darkness inside and out.


“[Gaiman’s] mind is a dark fathomless ocean, and every time I sink into it, this world fades, replaced by one far more terrible and beautiful in which I will happily drown.” New York Times Book Review

Purchase Links


Barnes and Noble


My Review

I received a free copy of this book for an honest review. 

I was excited to join this blog tour because I’ve been wanting to read some of Neil Gaiman’s books but I haven’t had time. This way, I had to read one! I wasn’t disappointed.

The narrator is a middle-aged man who has come home to attend a funeral and he finds himself sitting on a bench next to a pond on a farm near his old home. Sitting there, he remembers Lettie and her mom and grandmother who lived there, as well as some strange things that happened when he was seven years old. I wondered how he could have forgotten so much, but it all made sense eventually.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane is a fantasy that occurs right at home. It’s from the view of a seven-year-old so there are things that occur that don’t phase him because he’s still innocent. But my jaw dropped at least once and it took me a minute to realize why he wasn’t concerned.

Full of friendship, sadness, and magic, this is a book for readers of all ages. I think the age of the reader will be important on how the book is viewed but I’m sure it’s one that everyone will enjoy.


About the Author

2016-07-19_22-33-01Neil Gaiman is the New York Times bestselling author of the novels Neverwhere, Stardust, American Gods, Coraline, Anansi Boys, The Graveyard Book, Good Omens (with Terry Pratchett), The Ocean at the End of the Lane, and The Truth Is a Cave in the Black Mountains; the Sandman series of graphic novels; and the story collections Smoke and MirrorsFragile Things, and Trigger Warning. He is the winner of numerous literary honors, including the Hugo, Bram Stoker, and World Fantasy awards, and the Newbery and Carnegie Medals. Originally from England, he now lives in the United States. He is Professor in the Arts at Bard College.

Visit his website at




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