Book Review: Akea – His Mother’s Son by Elizabeth Jade

Akea is no ordinary husky and taking her place as Wolf Queen was just the first step in the journey set out for her by the Great Wolf. Akea’s world turns upside down when humans raid their home, scattering the pack and capturing her hybrid son. Salvador struggles to adjust to a life in captivity quickly realising not everyone approves of his mother’s rise to Wolf Queen. When the Great Wolf sends him warning dreams, Salvador discovers his true purpose for being there.

“Ms Jade perfectly captures the atmosphere of life as part of the wolfpack and its many challenges. Her stories remind me of Jack London’s Call of the Wild, and with ‘His Mother’s Son’ she proves she not only has a knack for creating realistic and powerful characters, but a talent for describing the wild settings they inhabit with a natural confidence that is quite charming.” Colin Garrow (author)

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My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased. This is the second book in the series, but I didn’t read the first one and it stands on its own.

This story of wolves, their habits, and some of the dangers they face is one that children including preteens will enjoy. The characters are described well and they are given some human traits such as talking. In actuality, wolves can’t talk, but they are known for having good communication skills.

Akea, the queen of the pack, is a husky. Even though she’s not a wolf, others know that she is special, and her son Salvador is a lot like his mother. When he is taken by humans and has no other wolves around him, I could feel his heartache.

Salvador’s story shows children that no matter the trouble you’re in, you should never give up. It also teaches the importance of family. Akea – His Mother’s Son is a quick read and a great story especially for animal lovers.

About the Author

Elizabeth Jade was born in 1998 in Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England, but moved with her family to Wellington in Somerset when she was very young. Her early schooling did not go smoothly, and as a result, she was home-schooled from the age of seven. Her parents soon learned she had a unique slant on life and quickly abandoned attempts to follow the national curriculum in favour of child-led learning.

Elizabeth stumbled into writing at the age of fourteen when she began to suffer from anxiety and depression and quickly found her story ideas pouring out faster than she could get them onto paper.  It wasn’t until the age of eighteen that she realised her struggles in school had been due to Aspergers Syndrome (an autistic spectrum disorder).

As an enthusiastic animal lover, Elizabeth volunteered first at the Conquest Riding Centre for the Disabled and then at St Giles Animal Rescue before moving on to the Cats Protection Homing and Information Centre.  Her gifted way with the cats quickly earned her the title of ‘Cat Whisperer’ from the staff. Since she had always possessed such a way with animals, it was only natural for her story ideas to revolve around them.  

Elizabeth’s personal experience as a young author with the challenges of autism, depression and anxiety, along with her writing theme of acceptance and overcoming obstacles, have led to her having a junior school class named after her.

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Book Review: And The Creek Don’t Rise by R.M. Gilmore

On her twentieth birthday, Lynnie Russell—just a little ol’ thing from down in Havana, Arkansas—falls in love under a full silver moon.

Waking up the next morning naked and caked in blood, Lynnie is faced with a horrifying truth. She’s death incarnate.

In a race to unearth what she’s become, Lynnie must hide her beastly thing from those she loves most. If only to keep them alive.

When an unexpected ally offers help, how can she refuse?







My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

And The Creek Don’t Rise started out as a budding romance between Lynnie and Rusty who knew each other all of their lives. On her 20th birthday, she just learned that he loved her, and she realized that she may love him as well…then BAM! Lynnie’s life changed forever.

I could feel her heartache and confusion as Lynnie struggled to deal with who or what she had become. I felt so bad for Lynnie until she eventually accepted her fate and became a badass warrior!

The characters are unique, and I enjoyed getting to know them. My favorite characters were Lynnie’s grandma and Mama Lee. They were both amazing “older” women.

R.M. Gilmore has a distinctive sense of humor which is clear even in this crazy fantasy. All of the books I’ve read by her are original, and And The Creek Don’t Rise isn’t any different. I’m looking forward to reading more!


★★★★★ “… a spellbinding story that is unique and original… …haunting, spine-tingling story that sparks the imagination and provokes nightmares.” – Reader’s Favorite

★★★★★ “And The Creek Don’t Rise is a bold mystical fantasy novel that demands to be read in one sitting.” -IndiesToday

★★★★★ “Two words… MORE PLEASE!” – L.C. Son, author of the Beautiful Nightmare series

★★★★★ “Intricately researched, finely crafted, dynamic and completely brilliant… will claw your heart out.” – Ravin Tija Maurice, author of the Prophecy Girl series

★★★★★ “Absolutely fascinating. I WANT MORE!” – Julia Mills, USA Today and NYT Bestselling Author

★★★★★ “Gripping fantasy that won’t let you go.” – Jody A. Cummings, author of the Phoenix Rising series


Hattie walked me to the door and made sure Garret was there ready for me before leaving in a hurry. She’d wanted more from me than I could give. I’d tell her sorry on a day I wasn’t recovering from second-degree murder. Or would it be manslaughter? I’d slaughtered a man and I didn’t mean to do it. Maybe I could claim insanity. I didn’t know anything about the law but what I watched on Law & Order, and not one of those episodes covered accidental creatures killing under a bright blue moon.

“I made your bed up, Lynn. I got some pot roast in the cooker on the counter if you’re hungry.” He tried—hard as it was for him to be nurturing. I wasn’t even angry with him anymore for leaving me in the hospital. He was hurting more than he could handle. It rolled off him like heat on the pavement. There wasn’t anything I could do for him. I was hurting enough for the both of us.

“I’m fine. I just wanna sleep. I need to lay down a bit.” I walked past him, head down, to my bedroom at the end of the hallway and shut the door.

The second I was alone, my cheeks flushed and my bottom lip shook, but I downright refused to cry again. I swore to myself then that I would not cry over any of it until morning. I would sleep, eat, and then figure out what in the hell I was gonna do with myself.

I laid back, pulled the covers up over my head, and tried not to think anymore. Garret rustled around in the kitchen. I knew there’d be a mess for me to clean in the morning. He didn’t cook much, which was fine with me because I tended to have more work when he did the cooking than when I did.

I listened to my brother fumbling around in cabinets and drawers and tried to sleep. My eyes closed, breathing slowed, heart took a second to catch up. Blackness took over.

I startled awake, limbs frantic, reaching out for anything to stop me from falling. I swallowed hard and flipped the covers off my head. The yellow light outside had turned pale blue, casting shadows over my room.

My eyes focused on a deep black figure in the corner. I gasped, and choked, and blinked at the thing. My stomach dropped six inches when the shape moved out of the shadow and I could see what it was.

About the Author

R.M. Gilmore is a paranormal and mystery/suspense writer and creator of the occult bestselling Dylan Hart series. She resides in the Pacific Northwest with her teenage minion, bearded man-child, and toys still in the box. With an awkward and incessant sense of humor, it is likely she will die laughing.

“Star-crossed lovers and dead things. It’s what I do.” – R.M. Gilmore

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Book Review & Giveaway: Randolph the Christmas Moose by Gerry Gibson

Randolph the Moose lives with his mother in the Great White North. After a chance encounter with the reindeer from Santa Claus’ sleigh-pulling team, Randolph finds new joy in trail running as he trains to join the reindeer in Santa’s flight school. But when the head elf places him at the workshop loading dock instead (due to his tremendous bulk), Randolph has to use his brains and work ethic to earn respect at his new job… and even save Christmas.

Imagine Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer, except…

– Randolph has a healthy self-image

– Randolph has a more positive outlet for his feelings

– Randolph runs, but not away from his problems

– Randolph is pro-active, refusing to let Santa’s workshop define him as a moose


Available to buy from… * * Barnes and Noble * GPlay Paperback * Audible

My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free copy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

Randolph the Christmas Moose is a funny and delightful story about a moose who wants to participate in the reindeer games. It surprised me when Rudolph, of all the reindeer, told him no. How ironic is that?

Randolph kind of reminds me of Rudolph except instead of pouting, he works toward his goal. His mom helps him to realize that he doesn’t want to be a reindeer, he wants to be all he can be as a moose.

Randolph the Christmas Moose is a fun story with great illustrations that children will enjoy. Even better, it teaches children to work hard and be true to themselves. It also shows that stereotyping is not only unfair, but it doesn’t work in a business.

I love the changes that Randolph causes. Just think of how much better our world would be if we could all be as proactive as Randolph!

Randolph the Christmas Moose empowers kids to find the unique leader within themselves and to not allow stereotyping to limit their potential.”
–AUSTIN HIGHSMITH GARCES, author of The Miracle Tree and actor in Dolphin Tale 1 and 2

Randolph the Christmas Moose, filled with humor and character building, shares a twist to a familiar tale to produce an important message about how children can be hard-working, determined and true to themselves.”
–ADAM DOVICO, educator and author of When Kids Lead, The Limitless School and Inside the Trenches

“This is a charming and funny story that will not only entertain kids, but also help them understand that other people’s opinions don’t define them.”
–LINDSAY THOMPSON, filmmaker and writer for PBS’ Arthur

Randolph the Christmas Moose addresses many important childhood themes, including acceptance, endurance and bullying, without sounding ‘preachy.'”
–SUE ELDER, Ed.D., public and elementary school librarian, educator and bibliophile

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From Loving Healing Press

Enjoy these beautiful excerpts

About the Author

A former teacher, Gerry Gibson is a writer, filmmaker, soccer coach, and YouTube/podcast host. His initial foray into children’s literature, Randolph the Christmas Moose, is being published by Loving Healing Press in 2020. Gerry currently lives with his wife, Courtney, his sons, Bennett and Turner, and countless other microorganisms in Winston-Salem, NC. He writes stories for kids because that’s what he is: a big, grey-haired kid.

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New Release

Summonsed to the sleepy village of Hingemont, Imogen slowly unravels the secrets that led to the untimely death of her grandmother. Relationships are strained and mysteries abound as suspicion falls on some innocent and incredulous locals. A missing key, an illicit affair, an angry child and an irascible old lady pepper these pages with possibilities as the villagers close ranks to support and protect those that ‘belong’. Set in present-day England’s rural East Midlands, the story winds as slowly as the country lanes dictate and it is only when the Snail finally reveals its secret that the mystery is solved.

About the Author:

Janet Ollerenshaw is a retired English & Music teacher and mother of seven children. She has lived in Hertfordshire for most of her life and has been involved with Scouting, animals and arts and crafts alongside her teaching career.  She writes for pleasure and enjoys word-craft, so her writing can be prosaic at times as she feels the experience of reading should be more than just a good story, rather like a fine wine, which touches senses other than simply taste and satisfaction and which lasts the test of time.

Janet has a Masters in Educational Research from Cambridge and studied with the Open University for her first Degree in Humanities with Music and English Language. She does seasonal work as an exam marker for Edexcel and for the Cambridge International Exam board.  Janet previously published the “Turning” series of novels entitled “Inside Out”, “Upside Down” and “Back to Front”.


 “For a while she pondered who had called her. It had been so unexpected that she had only briefly registered a woman’s voice, the words ‘murder’, ‘hysterics’ and ‘blood’ and was relying on her phone’s records for further details about the caller. There would be time to investigate that once the immediate issues were dealt with.

Whilst Charlie sat rocking back and forth on the headstone, she walked carefully round the churchyard, keeping him in her sight at all times. That meant that she couldn’t go to the far side of the church and so did not see the tyre tracks in the mud by the main, gated entrance to the small car park. Neither did she see the discarded purse where it lay amongst the brambles in the hedgerow but on returning to her position near Charlie’s headstone, what she did see was an extraordinary procession advancing towards her. From her left approached a figure in a motorised wheelchair and from her right, a walking stick wielding lady accompanied by a small boy. As they drew nearer and turned in through the lych-gate, all three were shouting and gesticulating wildly; the two ladies appeared to be arguing vociferously, about what she had no idea, and the small boy was excitedly gabbling about witches and school teachers.”

Secret of the Snail is available in paperback and can be ordered from Amazon at:

This novel is also available to download as an e-book from Amazon at:

Press/Media Contact Details:

Janet Ollerenshaw’s Literary Agent: 

Darin Jewell, Managing Director, The Inspira Group Literary Agency, 5 Bradley Road, Enfield, England EN3 6ES

Tel. UK +208 292 5163

Book Review: The Road to Cromer Pier by Martin Gore

Janet’s first love arrives out of the blue after forty years. Those were simpler times for them both. Sunny childhood beach holidays, fish and chips and big copper pennies clunking into one armed bandits.

The Wells family has run the Cromer Pier Summertime Special Show for generations. But it’s now 2009 and the recession is biting hard. Owner Janet Wells and daughter Karen are facing an uncertain future. The show must go on, and Janet gambles on a fading talent show star. But both the star and the other cast members have their demons. This is a story of love, loyalty and luvvies. The road to Cromer Pier might be the end of their careers, or it might just be a new beginning.

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My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

Times are tough and the Wells family is about to lose the Cromer Pier Theatre which has been in their family for several years. The owner, Janet, is at her wits end trying to figure out a way to keep it rather than having to hand it over to the evil Pemrose.

The story was slow for me until I got about halfway through. Eventually, once I learned more about the characters and watched them grow, I finished the last half in one sitting. Lauren and Paul especially learned a lot about themselves, which is kind of interesting since they were the celebrities. Even the characters who seemed to have it all together, like Janet, really didn’t and I enjoyed watching them grow as well.

The Road to Cromer Pier is a well-written feel good book with a good ending.

About the Author

I am a 63 year old Accountant who semi-retired to explore my love of creative writing. In my career I held Board level jobs for over twenty five years, in private, public and third sector organisations. I was born in Coventry, a city then dominated by the car industry and high volume manufacturing. Jaguar, Triumph, Talbot, Rolls Royce, Courtaulds, Massey Ferguson were the major employers, to name but a few.

When I was nine year’s old I told my long suffering mother that as I liked English composition and drama I was going to be a Playwright. She told me that I should work hard at school and get a proper job. She was right of course.

I started as an Office Junior at Jaguar in 1973 at eleven pounds sixty four a week. I thus grew up in the strike torn, class divided seventies. My first career ended in 2015, when I semi retired as Director of Corporate services at Humberside Probation. My second career, as a Non Executive Director, is great as it has allowed me free time to travel and indulge my passion for writing, both in novels and for theatre.

The opportunity to rekindle my interest in writing came in 2009, when I wrote my first pantomime, Cinderella, for my home group, the Walkington Pantomime Players. I have now written eight. I love theatre, particularly musical theatre, and completed the Hull Truck Theatre Playwrite course in 2010. My first play, a comedy called He’s Behind You, is now available on:

Pen Pals was my first novel, and a second, The Road to Cromer Pier, is now available in all three formats. It was. officially launched on Cromer Pier itself, coinciding with the new season of the Summertime Special Show.

I’m active on twitter @authorgore and on facebook martin gore author. My website is

I’m an old fashioned writer I guess. I want you to laugh and to cry. I want you to believe in my characters, and feel that my stories have a beginning, a middle, and a satisfactory ending.’

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