It’s Gonna Hurt Because it Matters

24 Aug


I said I was a writer…

24 Aug


Shower Curtain

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23 Aug


Shoot for the Moon

23 Aug

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Book Review: Prove Me Wrong by Tessa Marie

23 Aug


A single secret changes everything.

With no college ambition—or desire to care—Luke Hannon’s ready to bail on school before senior year even begins. But when he spots the hot new girl reading an upside down map, he changes his mind.

Hailey Saldino desperately wants to start fresh at a school where she’s free of the snide remarks and hurtful stares. A place where no one knows her past…or her son, Brady.

Luke wants a no strings attached, physical relationship, until Hailey becomes more than a cute girl in a skirt. Usually his bad boy reputation hooks the ladies but it won’t be enough to land a girl like Hailey. Needing a lasting approach, Luke decides to be honest. No lies. No BS. As the connection between them deepens, Luke shares all his shameful secrets. 

Afraid to lose one of the few people who’s ever looked at her as something other than a slut, Hailey buries herself in compounding lies. And when Hailey’s purposeful deceit blindsides Luke, he must decide if he’ll walk away, or accept Hailey and the little man she already loves.

Available on Amazon.


My Review

I received a free copy of the audiobook for an honest review.

Prove Me Wrong is a sweet romance about two high school seniors. Hailey is new in town. Her mom moved her here because Hailey had a baby and her mom wanted her to be able to experience being a “normal” teen without the stigma of being a teenage mom. The problem is that that means Hailey is lying to everyone she meets.

Luke is the typical good looking love ’em and leave ’em kind of guy. When he meets Hailey he falls head over heels. He is suddenly interested in only Hailey and making her happy. He doesn’t even try to get her into bed, wanting to take it slow. It’s hard to believe that a player could make such a complete change in such a short time but we can always dream.

Julia Farmer did a good job narrating. I was able to always tell who was talking and she had good timing.

I recommend Prove Me Wrong for anyone who enjoys sweet young adult romances.

Be Happy

23 Aug

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Do I love you?

22 Aug


Book Review: Oki & Harlo: Fairytale Friends by Cas Mesterom

22 Aug


Oki, a little orphaned goat meets Harlo, a shooting star, who falls to earth and ends up in the field where Oki is asleep. They become instant best friends and together they go on a quest to find Oki’s momma.

On their adventure, the little friends encounter wise old, Mr. Owl, Wobbly, the chicken, and a little girl named Ellie and her family.

Enter a world where children can safely go and learn about making friends, being honest, and believing in dreams, as well as healthy eating and the REAL purpose of rainbows!

“Oki and Harlo, fairytale friends” is the first ever draw freely e-book.
The story invites the readers to make their own illustrations. There are free-draw pages that have clear instructions on what to draw.

Available on Amazon.


My Review

I received a free ecopy of this book from the author for an honest review.

Oki is a young goat whose mother is taken away from the farm and he is waiting for her to come back. One day, he meets Harlo, a fallen star, and they become quick friends. Once he has the support of his new friend, Oki decides to look for his mother.

This is a cute story and it has pages to draw scenes from the story. So children get to draw the pictures for the book and “finish” it.

Oki and Harlo’s story teaches children about friendship, faith, facing your fears, and that it is okay to be different. This is a great story for young children and the interactive part of it is a great idea.


About the Author

My name is Cas Mesterom and I am a Dutch-born writer, poet, model and actor. Although Dutch is my native language, I prefer to write in English as I find the English language more poetic.Having said that, I did write the original of Oki and Harlo, fairytale friends in 1999 in Dutch, but translated it last year and wrote a new ending to the story. The original had a darker conclusion, as fairytales can be dark, but in the current world [of war], I wanted to write an uplifting story about friendship. Basically, why could a goat not be friends with a shooting star?
I wanted to create a world where children can safely go and learn about making friends, being honest and believing in dreams. As well as healthy eating and the real purpose of rainbows!
I write with a message but never preachy. My goal is to entertain and to hope that each of one us can take away something from my writings. As I learn from others, I hope to inspire other people as well. I believe we are all one. Oki and Harlo believe it! 


Don’t Be Beautiful

22 Aug



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