Review: No Risk Refused by Cara Summers

51uIT9KF0fLTitle: No Risk Refused

Author: Cara Summers

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Harlequin

Publication Date:  June 2012

Description: From Newly Wedded magazine: “This castle in upstate New York is the stuff of fantasies! And a kiss under the arch might make your love–or lust–last forever…” Indulging a family request, CIA agent Cam Sutherland has returned to Castle MacPherson for the first time in years to investigate a decades-old theft. But more importantly, it’s the place where–in a brief moment–Cam very nearly lost his heart and soul to wedding planner Adair MacPherson. And Adair is still as bewitching as ever. When Cam finds a seven-year-old erotic story written by her–and starring him–his blood damn near boils over. The only solution? To prove to Adair that fantasies are best made into realities…and the best magic happens between the sheets!


This book has a little bit of everything, a little danger, some intrigue, a hint of supernatural, and sizzling hot sex. It’s a fun book and a quick read. The characters are mature enough to know their feelings and there are no silly misunderstandings or game playing, which seems to be standard in a lot of romances, and was a big plus to me.

I recommend this book if you enjoy contemporary romances. You can order your copy from Sleepygirl’s.

The first in a trilogy about 3 sisters falling for 3 brothers, the second book in the trilogy will be my next read.

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