Review: No Holds Barred by Cara Summers

9780373797004_p0_v1_s260x420 Title: No Holds Barred

 Author: Cara Summers

 Genre: Contemporary Romance

 Publisher: Harlequin

 Publication Date:  July 2012

 Description: Returning to Castle MacPherson was definitely not FBI profiler Duncan Sutherland’s choice. But when defense attorney Piper MacPherson is targeted by a serial killer, Duncan knows it’s the only place she’ll be safe. At least, safe from her stalker. There’s no guarantee he’ll be able to keep his hands off her….

Little does Duncan guess that Piper has always wanted him, too. In fact, years ago, she’d written down her most intimate fantasies–all of them involving on-demand sex…and him. Now though, she wants the real deal. And with a serial killer threatening her life, the best thing Duncan can do is provide Piper with full-body cover–day and night!


I was hoping that this book would be a little different from the first one in the trilogy but it was pretty much the same. Neither of the main characters wanted to be in a relationship but they were both ready for hot sex with no strings attached. Castle MacPherson was the setting again, which was nice, and I always enjoy returning characters and there were several in this book. I’m sure they’ll be in the third book of the trilogy as well. There was some danger and intrigue and a touch of the supernatural as well as a lot of sizzling sex.

The second in a trilogy about 3 sisters falling for 3 brothers

Purchase No Holds Barred (Harlequin Blaze) from Amazon.

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