Review: Keeping you On the Mother Road – A Route 66 Travel Guide 2013


61BiupxByeL._SY380_Title: Keeping You on the Mother Road – A Route 66 Travel Guide 2013

Author:  David E. Emerson

Genre:  Travel

Publisher:  Mother Road LLC

Publication Date:  October 2012

Description: This is a Route 66 travel guide created to give the Route 66 traveler one guide with maps, photos, stories, and history plus a yellow page section for each area and a community white page section at the end. This annual publication is also designed to provide the traveler with great places to stay, great places to eat, and other services needed as you travel the Mother Road.


I own a couple of book and furniture stores in Joplin, MO, and Baxter Springs, KS, and both of them happen to be on Route 66. When my husband met the author of this book and he offered to sell us a bunch of these books I had to check it out.

This book is full of maps as well as restaurants, museums, photographs, artists, state associations, chambers of commerce, tourism bureaus, and lots of other info. At the back of the book is a community white page section that has an alphabetical listing of businesses listing their phone numbers and addresses. It also contains historical information and some interesting stories by different authors.

This is an informative travel guide and a great resource if you’re going to be traveling on Route 66 this year. You can order your copy from Sleepygirl’s Used Books here. Suggested retail is $19.66, cost on my site is $16.50 plus shipping.

Keeping You on the Mother Road is also available on Amazon for $16.50.

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