Review: The Front Bench Regulars by Larry Dablemont


mediumTitle: The Front Bench Regulars

 Author:  Larry Dablemont

 Illustrator:  Tom Goldsmith

 Genre:  Stories

 Publisher:  Lightnin’ Ridge Books

 Publication Date:  2003

Description: They were old men with overalls and dirty flannel shirts, leathery faces bristling with a three or four day growth of whiskers. Old men with tobacco pouches and faded caps to cover bald spots. Old men who were hunters, trappers, fishermen–rivermen and farmers who had the answers to the world’s problems if only someone would have listened. Larry Dablemont listened!


I was working today, trying to get caught up, going through books that I’ve purchased but haven’t put online and wouldn’t you know that I’d come across this book. I had to stop working and read it. Luckily, it just took a couple hours to read but I’m glad I took the time. The author is from Houston, Missouri, in the Ozarks, and the stories are ones he heard when he was growing up and working in his father’s pool hall. He makes it easy to imagine the oldtimers telling their stories and his writing is enjoyable to read.

I sold my copy but it’s available on Barnes & Noble or Amazon.

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