Review: Dinomummy by Dr. Phillip Lars Manning


31-zEtGLUdL._Title: Dinomummy

 Author:  Dr. Phillip Lars Manning

 Genre:  Science

 Publisher:  Kingfisher

 Publication Date:  2007, First Edition

Description: Imagine finding the body of a dinosaur so well preserved that you can run your hands over its bumpy, scaly skin. Dinohunter Tyler Lyson unearthed such a creature–a dinomummy–and he named it Dakota. Dinomummy is the story of hadrosaur Dakota’s perilous life in Hell Creek, on the floodplains of prehistoric North America. It is also the story of Tyler and Dr. Phillip Lars Manning and their quest to unlock the secrets of one of the best-preserved dinosaurs ever found. What did Dakota Look like? Why did it die? How did its body survive for millions of years? The incredible answers build a uniquely intimate picture of one very special dinosaur’s life and death.


What an interesting book! Tyler Lyson was only 16 years old when he found Dakota, the dinomummy. I like how Dr. Manning pulls everything together. He starts out with the story of Dakota and how the life of a dinosaur could have been in the area of South Dakota millions of years ago and then goes on to explain how Tyler found Dakota and what happened after the finding. He also includes a lot of  interesting facts about dinosaurs. It is written for ages 9-11 but I found it interesting and informative. Did you know that a dinomummy isn’t just a fossilized skeleton but also has some fossilized soft tissue like skin or organs? I didn’t! How cool is that?

I’m out of these in my store but it’s still available on Amazon.