My Symphony


mysymphony Title: My Symphony

 Author:  Wm. Henry Channing

 Illustrator:  Mary Engelbreit

 Publisher:  Andrews McMeel Publishing

 Publication Date:  1997

 Genre: Poetry

 Description: Mary Engelbreit lovingly illustrates a radiant poem written by nineteenth-century clergyman William Henry Channing. The verse is a simple yet powerful one that lists the ways to live a virtuous life. Mary Engelbreit’s art perfectly accompanies the piece, inspiring us to think about a world where there is room for the real and the magical, the mundane and the unique, the practical and the spiritual. When Mary Engelbreit first read Channing’s poem, she fell in love with it, believing that its message was as significant in our time as it was in Channing’s. With clarity and simplicity, their work reveals the beauty to be found all around us if we’ll just stop long enough to see, hear, and appreciate the world–and follow our heart. Drawing on Channing’s poem for inspiration, Mary Engelbreit has composed her masterpiece, creating a keepsake for future generations.

Comments: There are such beautiful illustrations in this book that I wanted to share it. The poem is short and inspiring and the illustrations really bring it to life.  The book is for sale  here.

Here are a couple examples of the illustrations inside:


4-9-2013 12-10-39 PM 4-9-2013 12-10-20 PM

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