Review: The Scene by RM Gilmore


 4-14-2013 2-50-36 PMTitle: The Scene

 Author:  RM Gilmore

 Genre:  Mystery/Suspense

 Publisher:  author

 Publication Date:  February 2012

Description: In the opening novel of RM Gilmore’s ‘Odyssey of the Occult’ series, we find Dylan Hart, journalist and self-proclaimed cynical bitch, in her hometown of Hollywood, California. The bodies of seven exsanguinated prostitutes have been found naked and covered in puncture wounds in towns from the Central Valley to Southern California. The media has dubbed them the “Vampire Massacres.”  Dylan has decided to cash in on the tragedy and write a true crime novel. She begins her odyssey with research into the underground vampire scene. All seemed to be going as planned, and as long as fiction can keep its ass away from fact, she should be alright. But let’s face it, someone is draining women of all their blood. There no way in hell it’s going to end pretty.


When I started reading The Scene, my first impression was that it was going to take me a while to get through it. I’m not into the glorification of vampires and the writing was a little awkward. Boy, was I wrong! After the first chapter or so, RM Gilmore got into her groove and it was easy to read and well-written. I like the unique way she shares Dylan’s thoughts. And, thankfully, it is definitely not your typical vampire novel.

Dylan Hart may be cynical but she is also hilarious. She tends to get herself into some interesting scrapes, as all good sleuths do. She’s kind of screwed up when it comes to relationships but that makes for good reading. I don’t like spoilers so I’m not going to go into specifics.

I definitely recommend this book. I’ve started the next book in the series, Endless Night, and it looks like I’m going to enjoy it as much as The Scene.

Now available on Amazon.

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