Review: Kansas – in the Heart of Tornado Alley (Images of America)


kansas (148x200)Title: Kansas in the Heart of Tornado Alley (Images of America)

Author: Jay M. Price, Craig Torbenson, Sadonia Corns, Jessica Nellis, and Keith Wondra

Genre: History

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

Publication Date: 2011

Description: Back in 1915, Snowden D. Flora of the US Weather Bureau wrote, “Kansas has been so commonly considered the tornado state of the country that the term ‘Kansas cyclone’ has almost become a part of the English language.” Flora’s words still seem to ring true. Whether called a twister, a tornado, a vortex, or cyclone, these catastrophic events have shaped lives in the Sunflower State for generations. Just a few destructive moments forever changed places such as Irving, Udall, Topeka, Andover, and Greensburg. Even before Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz helped eqaute the tornado with Kansas, the turbulent nature of local weather seemed to parallel an equally turbulent history, with the fury of people such as John Brown compared to a cyclone. Even if they have never seen a funnel cloud themselves, those who live in Kansas have come to accept the twister as a regular and always unpredictable neighbor.

Dr. Jay M. Price is an associate professor in history at Wichita State University and serves as director of the school’s Public History Program. Dr. Craig Torbenson is a associate professor in geography at the university. Sadonia Corns, Jessica Nellis, and Keith Wondra are students in the Public History Program.

The Images of America series celebrates the history of neighborhoods, towns, and cities across the country. Using archival photographs, each title presents the distinctive stories from the past that shape the character of the community today. 


There are a lot of interesting facts in this book. It not only covers some of the tornadoes that have affected Kansas towns but it explains how and why tornadoes form in terms that are easy to understand. It contains a lot of photos of tornadoes and damage done by tornadoes.  A great addition to the library of any history or weather buff

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