Review: Ozark Pioneers (Voices of America)


ozarkpioneers (142x200)

Title: Ozark Pioneers (Voices of America)

Author: Vickie Layton Cobb

Genre: History

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

Publication Date: 2001

Description: In the early 1800s, rugged and self-sufficient pioneers left their native homelands to tame the wild Ozark territory. These early settlers left their mark on history, as they settled Taney Count, and became Missouri’s first families.

With family stories and photographs passed down from generation to generation, Ozark Pioneers shares the experiences of the first residents of the area. Family names such as Allen, Coggburn, Smith, Whorton, Layton, Bollinger, Brittain, and Rittenhouse appear throughout the history of Taney County, demonstrating the roots and growth of the wild Ozark territory. From the bloody days of battle in the Civil War, to the continuous fight against the outlaws in the Bald Knobber era, these pages detail the courage, hardships, and strength of these founding families in an untamed land.


These are the specific stories of the families who originally settled in the Ozarks in the Missouri-Arkansas wilderness. Along with the stories are photos of some of the family members. A great book for history buffs, those interested in the history of the Ozarks, or descendants of the families in the book.

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