Review: Kansas City Southern Railway (Images of Rail)



Title: Kansas City Southern Railway (Images of Rail)

Author: Thad Hillis Carter

Genre: History

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

Publication Date: 2009

Description: The Kansas City Southern Railway initially offered freight service to the immediate Kansas City area south. As the line expanded toward Texas, each tiny community had its own railway station with access to daily passenger service and less-than-carload lot freight services. No one could have foreseen that the road would eventually haul international import and export goods or that its line would reach into Mexico. Photographs in this book include the railway’s involvement in operating steam engines over its lines as well as pictures from the files of esteemed rail photographers Harold K. Vollrath and Gary Coates. 


This is an interesting book for those interested in history and/or the history of trains. It has a LOT of photos of trains, mostly steam engines and some diesel engines. There are a few photos of train stations such as Union Station in Kansas City which has been renovated since the photos in this book. There are also photos of the train station in Joplin, Mo., which is now abandoned and run down.  You can order this new book from Sleepygirl’s Used Books here.

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