Weird Books

6-21-2013 12-43-05 PM

Here’s a practical guide for the style-challenged masses. Who wouldn’t want to mix sequins and fringe, stars and argyle, or knee socks and short-shorts like Liberace?


6-21-2013 12-42-45 PMThere are actually 2 of these books by two different publishers. One is an illustrated hardcover lift-the-flap guessing game for children ages 1 to 3. The other is included in Wayne Lynch’s photographic series of books, which include the posed posteriors of “hippos, rhinos, bighorn sheep, pin-tailed ducks, and more.”


6-21-2013 12-42-26 PMThis is, unfortunately, not an illustrated coffee table book, but a cleverly titled collection of marketing advice essays.

Mental Floss has more weird titles listed here.