Authors Who Hated Movie Versions of Their Books

7-18-2013 9-53-08 PMI was surprised to learn that some of my favorite movies that were based on books were actually hated by the authors. One of those is The Shining. Stephen King felt like Kubrick didn’t grasp the sheer evil of the hotel and instead looked for the evil in the characters. He also didn’t think that Jack Nicholson showed that Jack Torrance was not crazy until he was influenced by the Overlook Hotel.

While I thought many of the earlier movies based on Stephen King’s books were poorly made, I thought The Shining was the first one that did a fairly good job. That doesn’t mean I liked the movie as well as the book. I do believe that the book is better 99% of the time.


imagesAnother author who wasn’t happy with the movie version of his book was Winston Groom. He felt that Hollywood omitted plot points from Forrest Gump and that some of the language and sex were “sanitized.”

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