Review: Going Back by Richard Watt


7-26-2013 7-21-32 PMTitle: Going Back

Author:  Richard Watt

Genre:  Drama

Publisher:  Richard Watt

Publication Date:  May 2013


Some memories aren’t really memories at all…

In 1978, Andrew Macintyre was 15 years old and on the greatest adventure of his life when he was drawn into the troubled life of Karla, the woman who would disturb his dreams for the next 25 years. He has buried the memory of what she did to him ever since, but an encounter with her brother reveals a shocking reality he can’t ignore.

He travels back to the village in Germany he only dimly remembers and the truth is slowly revealed to him; the truth about the boy he was, and about the man he might yet be. Clare, the girl he worshipped from afar, becomes the friend he had needed all along, and together they piece together what really happened. As everyone affected by that summer comes together, Andrew hopes that memories, like wounds, can heal…


 I received a free copy of the ebook in return for an honest review.

A good first novel. If you read Going Back, be patient. The first couple of chapters are pretty slow with a lot of description of Andrew’s drive and of the airport which makes it difficult to get into the book. However, it’s a good story with depth and a good plot and a lot happens in the long run.

The characters are all well developed. I like the way the chapters are dated and the sections note which character is the main focus. For some reason, though, I wasn’t able to invest in the characters. It was always just a story  I was reading and I didn’t laugh or cry with the characters as I often find myself doing when I read.

There were times that I couldn’t put the book down because I had to see what was going to happen next. There were other times that it was pretty slow and I found myself skipping paragraphs that didn’t seem relevant to the story. 

If you enjoy an interesting story with a lot of twists, I recommend Going Back which is sold on Barnes and Noble.

Release by Richard Watt’s Publicist

Going Back
by Richard Watt

– Author delivers thought-provoking, German-set story in debut novel

In Going Back, author Richard Watt tells the story of how one man must travel back to the scene of the experiences which shaped him as a teenager, in order to understand everything which has happened to him since.
Going Back speaks to the regrets in all of us, and addresses how those regrets might be turned to our advantage. It is a story which resonates with anyone who has ever wondered ‘what if?,’” says Watt.
Beginning in West Germany in 1978, Andy Macintyre, on a two-week exchange visit with his schoolmates to a village in the shadow of the East German border, finds himself drawn into the dark world of his host’s sister, Karla. What Karla does to him changes who he is, but, lost in his own problems, he doesn’t see that others around him have also been damaged.
Twenty-five years later, Andrew Macintyre returns to the site of the trip, to find the Iron Curtain gone, and discovers that his memories don’t tell the whole story of what happened that summer. Slowly, he uncovers the truth of how one family’s pain seeped into his own life, and the lives of his friends. As he rekindles old friendships, he begins to understand that coming to terms with the past might give him the best chance of breaking free of it and moving forward.
“I believe Going Back is an unusual story. It is part bildungsroman, but it covers so much more than the main character’s coming of age. The story reaches back to the cataclysmic end to the Second World War, and how that may have affected one man, who passes his anger on to his children. They, in turn, in a world dominated by division and fear, react differently to their own situations,” adds Watt.
    Going Back is the story of how the past informs the present, even when it is only remembered in fragments, and of why it is never too late to pull down the fences we build around ourselves.

Richard Watt was born in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1962. He has a degree in Linguistics from Edinburgh University, and has spent much of his working life in sales and IT. Watt’s writing career took off when he became a regular contributor to the Prince George Citizen newspaper with his Dear Friends columns, written during the process of moving to the northern BC city in 2006. Since moving to Canada, he has had flash fiction accepted by 365 Tomorrow and has completed his first full-length novel, Going Back. Watt is also a qualified soccer coach, and spends much of his time squinting into a low sun, shouting at teenagers. Readers of the Dear Friends letters will know that Richard has been married to Zoë since 1986. They have two boys and two cats.

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