Review: Downward Dog by Edward Vilga


7-21-2013 3-35-35 PMTitle: Downward Dog

Author:  Edward Vilga

Genre:  Fiction/Yoga

Publisher:  Diversion Books

Publication Date:  June 2013

Description: A study in love, loss, and sexual misadventures in New York City, Downward Dog tells the tale of a handsome Bad Boy who becomes a yoga instructor while trying to redeem his womanizing ways and win the forgiveness of the only woman he’s ever really loved.

Down on his luck thanks to a failed nightlife venture which fell apart because of his womanizing, our hero’s stuck with massive debt and broken dreams.

His only safe haven is the yoga world, and when his well-connected best buddy launches his yoga career among NYC’s elite, our working class hero becomes a guru to society’s top 1%, a wolf let loose amongst a flock of comely sheep.


I didn’t think I was going to like this book because the main character is a womanizer and has a history of being a real jerk but he becomes more endearing as the book progresses. He’s obviously made a lot of mistakes but he really does try to become a better person, mainly because of the woman he loved and lost. I found myself cheering him on and being so disappointed when he made a mistake. By the end of the book, I had a lot of respect for the way Edward Vilga was able to portray this Bad Boy’s journey. He made him very real.

There’s a lot of information about yoga. The way the poses were presented was creative and I learned quite a bit. Like a lot of people, I didn’t realize it was such a workout. I’ve always pictured someone sitting cross-legged and meditating. Wow! Was I wrong! In fact, it may something I’d like to pursue in the future. 

I enjoyed Downward Dog and highly recommend it. You can find it on Amazon. I look forward to reading more by Edward Vilga.


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