Book Buying Travels

8-20-2013 7-57-26 PMI went to a big book sale over the weekend. They had over a million books for sale! After standing for hours looking through all those books, I did find a few to buy and I even found a couple gems. They didn’t have shopping carts like the last big sale I went to so I found a box, filled it with books, went through the checkout line, took the books out to my car and put them in the trunk and then went back inside and started all over again. There were boys there who were wanting to carry the books outside for customers so, after the first load, I let them help me. They didn’t have to carry them too far since I was the first one there that morning so my car was in the best parking space. 

My two favorite buys. When I first started selling books in 1998, one of the things I always looked for was The Three Investigators and I still get a thrill out of finding them. Phyllis Whitney is most well-known for her adult suspense novels but she also wrote several juvenile mysteries which are harder to find.whisperingmummyThe Mystery of the Whispering MummygreencatMystery of the Green Cat