Review: The Bunny Buffet by Emily Elizabeth Housley, Michelle Lanoue (Illustrations)


Title: The Bunny Buffet

Author:  Emily Elizabeth Housley

Illustrator: Michelle Lanoue

Genre:  Children 

Publisher:  Createspace

Publication Date:  August 20, 2013

Description: Inspired by Sandra Boynton and Dr. Seuss, The Bunny Buffet is a rollicking, fun-loving visit to a bounty of delights for bunnies…your backyard! Join the O’Shay bunny family on their tour of a backyard buffet as they show you all of the treats they enjoy. Written in rhyming verse, this book will teach children how to pronounce both easy and challenging words while they view the stunning illustrations. Sure to delight readers of all ages; there’s something here for everyone. Not to be missed!     


This is a cute children’s book that anyone would enjoy reading. It’s not just in rhyming verse, every verse in the book rhymes. It also has great illustrations. 

My favorite verses in the book were: “I hope you forgive the wordplay, I had to convince you someway, There was absolutely no time to delay, You wouldn’t want to miss this soiree!” How cute is that?

I definitely recommend this book especially if you have small children. It would be a fun book to read to your child. Available on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.