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9-15-2013 8-18-03 AMTitle: Let Me Go

Author: L.L. Akers

Genre:  New Adult

Publisher: Smart Group Consulting

Publication Date:  July 5, 2013

Description: A scarlet dragonfly tattoo—meant to be a beautiful, family mark of freedom, but instead becomes a prophetic brand for those who wear it, to forever be suffering. Wounded and broken, they find themselves flittering back into the cycle of abuse that relentlessly clings to their family, a reality they can never seem to escape.  

One mother and her daughters, bound by blood—torn apart by abuse. They begin their lives intertwined but are forced to fight for their survivals separately, struggling to hide their fear and undeserved shame from each other and the world. One of these women finds herself trapped—alone—and she battles to survive the terrifying darkness. With long hours of nothing to do but wait in fear, she grapples through her obscure dreams and memories of the past, sorting which memory belongs to whom: physically harmed, mentally damaged, raped, sexually abused, an unwanted pregnancy… and even the vivid memory of a dangerous dance with death in a last attempt to escape the shambles and horrors of a seemingly unchangeable situation.
Twin sisters, Gabriella and Olivia, dive blindly—and much too early—into adulthood. They are soon followed by their younger sister, Emma, all running from a not-so-idyllic past; chasing the happiness they believe they will find, by abandoning their childhoods to be “grown-up” and start their own lives.  
Deeply evocative, Let Me Go is a coming-of-age story: the struggles of one mother and her daughters trying to survive life—marred by abuse and misplaced blame—and their need to reach peace, forgiveness, and reconciliation.

Review: Let Me Go is a powerful book about the cycle of abuse. L.L. Akers has done a good job at portraying how victims often blame themselves and usually quickly forgive the abuser. I like how she used the sisters to show different ways in which women are abused, whether it is a child or an adult, and different ways victims cope. 

“The Girl in the Box” undercurrent was interesting. It had me guessing throughout the book who the girl in the box was. I don’t want to say any more than that because I don’t want to spoil it.

The ending made me cry (a good cry). As I’m writing this I realize that I got a little attached to the characters. I was just thinking that if this was “real life,” I’d be praying for the girls to stay away from abusive relationships. So many times you think that a victim understands the cycle and that she needs to stay away from abusive relationships and suddenly she’s back in another abusive relationship.

I definitely recommend Let Me Go! Available on Amazon.

About the Author
9-15-2013 8-19-22 AML.L. Akers is a married mother of: one very intelligent and handsome tween, a chubby beagle who looks like a mini-cow, and a deranged terrier, as well as five very elegant Koi fish, a herd of tiny but boastful lizards and dozens of obnoxiously loud, but beautiful frogs. She left a twelve-year career in the human resource arena—and eventually dipped her toes into the world of writing: beginning with proofreading/beta-reading, and content-editing while contemplating writing her own novel. She has made huge efforts (and progress) at becoming a professional recluse; happy to hang out in her pajamas all day with just her laptop, iPad, Burt’s Bees lip balm and posse of creatures. Regardless of her recent self-isolation from the world, she can still be lured outside for brief moments by the scent of freshly mowed grass and a bowl full of cherries. Let Me Go is her first novel.
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