Review: Nightmares from Within by Jessica Prince


18232527Title: Nightmares from Within

Author: Jessica Prince

Genre:  Romantic Suspense

Publication Date:  2013

Description: I can see how a person is going to die.

I don’t know when and I don’t always know who but it’s a curse I’ve had since childhood. 

There are people who call what I see a gift but I disagree. After years of trying to ignore the visions that haunt me I’m being told I have to embrace this “gift”.

If I refuse the punishment will be catastrophic. 

Embracing the nightmares within my own mind is the only way I can save myself… and HIM. 

The only man I’ve ever let close. 

The only man I’ve ever loved.

Can I let go of the fear I’ve carried around my whole life in order to save him?

I just don’t know.


I received a copy of this ebook as a beta reader.

Nightmares from Within is a good book full of passion and drama. It has a good plot and keeps you interested throughout.

The main characters were well developed and I felt connected to Taylor from the beginning. Jessica Prince did a good job at describing Taylor’s feelings and explaining her history as well as her “gift.” Jordan was the man of any woman’s dreams. He’s not perfect, but he’s close.

I can see how the author could make this the first book in a series. I recommend Nightmares from Within, especially if you like romantic suspense.

Warning:  explicit sex and some swearing

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