Book Review & Giveaway: Life A.D. by Michelle E. Reed

12-10-2013 9-58-29 AM
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12-10-2013 9-57-41 AMTitle: Life, A.D.

Author: Michelle E. Reed

Genre: Young Adult/Speculative Fiction

Publisher: Month9Books

ISBN: 9780988340916

Publication Date: December 10, 2013

Formats: eBook and print

In Life, A.D. you have two choices: join the program or face the consequences.

Seventeen-year-old Dez Donnelly crashes headlong into fate on the side of a rural highway, her life ending in a violent collision of steel and screaming brakes. The train that delivers her newly departed soul to the crossroads of the afterlife won’t be carrying her to the sweet hereafter until she accepts her abrupt end and learns to let go of the life she’ll never finish.

Her new reality is conduct manuals, propaganda, and unrelenting staff, all part of a system to ease her transition from life to death, while helping her earn her way out of limbo. Atman City, beautiful and enticing, is an ever-present temptation that is strictly off limits to underage souls. The promise of adventure proves too strong, and beneath the city’s sheen of ethereal majesty, Dez discovers a world teeming with danger.

Welcome to Life, A.D. where being dead doesn’t mean you’re safe, and the only thing harder than getting out of limbo is getting through it.


I received a free copy of this book for an honest review.

What a concept! Many of us believe in life after death, of course, but Michelle E. Reed has a whole new idea of what it could be like. Even though I hope she’s wrong, I enjoyed this book. It was easy to read and hard to put down.

From the beginning, you feel Dez’s confusion and anxiety. It’s easy to see why she rebels, not just because she’s a teen, but also because of the circumstances. I liked her strength and the obvious strong bond she’d had with her parents. There are quite a few characters in Life A.D. and each has their own sad story. I became quite attached to the kids on the 95th floor!

This is one of those books that I didn’t want to end and although it does end well, I hope to see a sequel in the future. If you like young adult books, you’ll love Life A.D.

Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Kobo.

About the Author:

12-10-2013 9-59-04 AMMichelle E. Reed was born in a small Midwestern town, to which she has returned to raise her own family. Her imagination and love of literature were fueled by a childhood of late nights, hidden under the covers and reading by flashlight. She is a passionate adoption advocate who lives in Wisconsin with her husband, son, and their yellow lab, Sully.

 Connect:  Website | Twitter |  Facebook | Goodreads


·        –  Three (3) ebook copies of Life, A.D. by Michelle E. Reed (International)

·         – One (1) signed paperback copy of Life, A.D. by Michelle E. Reed (US only)

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