Book Review: Money (Lust, Money, & Murder #2) by Mike Wells

11834368Title: Money

Author: Mike Wells

Genre: mystery, thriller, suspense

Publication: kindle edition first published June 2011, audio edition November 22, 2013

Description (from Goodreads):

This is Book 2 of the series.

Elaine falls head over heels for Nick, but discovers he’s not exactly what he appears. Elaine is called back to Washington to lead a top secret program to develop counterfeit-proof banknotes, but soon finds herself in Russia, running from the Mafia, and eventually in the hands of Giorgio Cattoretti, a master knock-off clothing manufacturer who has now become the world’s #1 currency counterfeiter.


I was given a free copy of the audiobook for an honest review.

Money is the second book in the series Lust, Money & Murder. It picks up right where Lust leaves off. 

Elaine Brogan’s story continues. Her talent of being able to spot a counterfeit is in demand and causes several twists and turns in her life. After all she’s been through, she’s still pretty naive and too trusting, but you have to admire her.

Money is nonstop action and suspense and it keeps your interest throughout. I also enjoy Mike Wells’ sense of humor. I listened to this book on an airplane and found myself laughing out loud a few times (and then looking around to see if anyone noticed I was laughing to myself).

I definitely recommend Money but I suggest reading Lust first to get the most out of it…on to Murder! That review will be posted soon.

Available on Amazon: Lust, Money & Murder (Books 1, 2 & 3) or Money.


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