Book Review: Sid by Teresa Gabelman

Sid fc   

Title: Sid (The Protectors #4)

Author: Teresa Gabelman

Genre:  Paranormal Romance

Publication Date:  expected January 5, 2014

Description (from 

Renowned for his playboy lifestyle and wisecrack remarks, Sid Sinclair knows he is the last pick for the lead investigator of human/half-breed trafficking. Never one to play by the rules, Sid takes his new position seriously, but not without driving the leader of the VC Council and fellow Warriors crazy.

A human with a special gift, Lana Fitzpatrick’s life is complicated. When Sid Sinclair charges into her life, her complicated life becomes torturous; his charm and wit draws her in like no other. Having dealt with alpha men most of her life, she is a match made in heaven for the VC Warrior who thinks he is God’s gift to women.

As the world of vampires and humans try to coexist, Sid and Lana’s lives intertwine. It doesn’t take long before the sparks between the two fly and for them to realize they have both finally met their match.


 I had the privilege to be a beta-reader for Sid and read it as an advanced reading copy. I read Duncan, #3 in the series, and was hoping I’d get to beta read this one as well.

The characters are interesting and engaging. As the series progresses, you really get to know all of the VC Warriors and their significant others. The main characters in this book are Sid, and the woman he meets, Lana. They make a good pair and I enjoyed their story, but I really like the ongoing stories of all of the characters.

The writing is easy to read and flows well. Teresa Gabelman also has a great sense of humor. 

When I think of vampires, I think of violence, blood, gore…not in this case. This book is full of love, lust, and humor.

If you like vampire romances, I highly recommend Sid. 

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