Book Review: Burkley and the Beasts: The Sea Serpent by Tiffany Nicole Smith


19148761 Title: Burkley and the Beasts: The Sea Serpent

 Author:  Tiffany Nicole Smith

 Genre:  Children

 Publisher:  Knowonder!

 Publication Date:  November 2013

Description: Burkley Brooks doesn’t mind being a bit different. She named her pet boa constrictor Stella, even though it’s a boy. She won’t eat yellow food, but must have something red on her plate. And she’s fine with her nickname – Quirky Burkley. However, none of it’s as weird as the strange things she’s been seeing lately…such as snake tongues stealing bananas and reaching at her from inside the kitchen sink! Thankfully, her Grandma Brooks is there to explain these visions. Burkley has been chosen as the next Brooks to inherit the beautiful Heartstone, the key to a mystical Portal. Through the Portal lies a mysterious place called Mermaid’s Lagoon, where Burkley’s Grandpa Brooks and Uncle Charlie disappeared years ago. The first step to finding and rescuing them is a battle with a huge, fierce Sea Serpent! With a magical trident in her hands and her best friends at her side, will Burkley save the day?


I received a free copy of this book for an honest review. 

Burkley and the Beasts: The Sea Serpent is a fun book for children. Quirky Burkley, as her family calls her, does have her quirks. When she starts seeing things that others don’t, her grandma lets her know that it’s because she’s a Brooks and it’s her heritage. That’s when the action begins.

Burkley and the Beasts: The Sea Serpent will definitely keep the interest of children. It’s funny and full of action and fantasy. It even has sea serpents! I think it’s a great book to encourage reading in youngsters.

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