Book Review: Music Audio Stories

2-17-2014 9-04-42 PMTitles: Jimi & His Friend Joe, Johnny No Cash, and The Big Apple2-17-2014 9-06-00 PM

Publisher: Busy Bees Publishing

2-17-2014 9-05-30 PMReview:

I was given these 3 audio stories for an honest review.

These stories are for children ages 3 to 7. The dialogue is simple enough for children to understand yet they’re very descriptive so that it would be easy for a child to use his or her imagination to picture the story. Each story also has background music that fits that particular story. They are pretty short which is important for a young child because, as we all know, they get easily distracted.

I think these stories are great for kids. There’s a free download of one of the stories, March of the Ants,  if you want to try for yourself if you have youngsters.

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