Book Review: Ace London

16136711Title: Ace London

Authors:  Barry O’Brien, Mirza-Javed, Kaj Melendez, John Worsley (Illustrator)

Genre: Children

Publication Date: December 2011

Description (from Goodreads):

In an abandoned schoolroom in South London lies the rusted, hulking wreck of an old aeroplane, partially buried in fine sand. How the aircraft got there is a mystery, but hidden deep inside the twisted carcass of corroded metal and glass is an incredible secret: a fabulous passport that sails across time and space. Mighty forces that once powered the plane still surge through its skeletal remains, beckoning yet another adventurer to brave the aviator’s chair. From Barry O’Brien, the co-creator of Disney’s Hannah Montana, comes Ace London, the world-spanning adventures of an imaginative young English boy and a mysterious forest elephant named Hannibal. Glide across East Africa, soar past Kilimanjaro, and race through the sun-soaked side streets of Cairo, as Ace London tries to find his way home.



I received a free ecopy of this book for an honest review.

Ace London is a 28 page book for children that is full of adventure but it also has a lot of history and has at least one illustration on each page. I really liked the illustrations which are colorful and portray the story well.

Ace is a character that children can easily relate to. It would be great if there were more books like this available. Growing up, I always found history boring but books like this would have made it much more interesting, even exciting, to learn.

I definitely think children would enjoy Ace London and, hopefully, Ace will be going on more adventures in the future.


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