Bookworm Gardens

What a great place to take children! Fun and literature all in one.

1364572416Map of Bookworm Gardens

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Hansel and Gretel cottage

From the Bookworm Gardens website:

The garden is based completely on children’s literature—over 60 different books are represented, selected by reading specialists, librarians, teachers, and kids.

  • Entrance to the garden is FREE. We hope children visit frequently!
  • Special elements of the garden include outdoor classrooms, a small amphitheater , greenhouse and outdoor creation station.
  • Nooks and crannies for reading are plentiful, as are benches for resting and chatting.

The garden celebrates our diverse geographical region as well as our multicultural residents and local industries.

Bookworm Gardens is a grass roots community project, offering residents of all ages, incomes and races the opportunity for involvement. Building benches, stuffing envelopes, sponsoring fund-raising presentations, creating works of art—these are just a few of the ways to get involved.