Book Review: Confessions of the Cuckold by J. David Core

18666823Title: Confessions of the Cuckold

Author: J. David Core

Publication Date: 2013

Pages: 57

Book Description:

“He destroyed everything of mine.” Eric said as tears filled his sunken eyes. “He destroyed my life. He broke my future, so I broke his windshield. I shouldn’t have to pay for that.”

The last person Eric Dadjov would have expected to confide in was the bounty hunter sent to take him to court, but his wife has betrayed him leaving his life in shambles. A careless moment purging his anger has led to formal charges, so when he learns that he might have more in common with the forlorn bounty hunter than he thinks, a frustrated Eric just begins venting.

Gradually, the details of Dadjov’s story begin to suggest that he has a sinister plan for revenge brewing. Is the bounty hunter complicit, a dupe, or is he the next victim of the cuckold?



I received a free ecopy of this novella for an honest review.

Some novellas are difficult to get into because there’s not much time or the reader to engage. That wasn’t the case with Confessions of the Cuckold. I read it in one sitting and it never lost my interest.

I like the way the narrator, whose name was never given, told most of the story to another character (a pedophile of all things) until the end.

Part of the ending was exactly what I expected but part of it was a complete surprise. That’s the way I like it!

I definitely recommend Confessions of the Cuckold, especially if you’re looking for something short but good.


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