Book Review: Saturday Date by Ken Doyle

20737871Title: Saturday Date

Author: Ken Doyle

Publication Date: February 2014

Description (from Goodreads):

Mary roams the Goan and Anglo-Indian neighborhoods of Bombay, singing for money so she can feed herself and the child who accompanies her. A night watchman befriends her and offers a chance to get off the streets. Mary seeks guidance from the mysterious visions that haunt her, but she alone must decide her fate.



I received a free ecopy of this short story for an honest review.

I was confused when I read the first few pages of this story but, eventually, it made sense. Once I got into it, it went quickly and I was wishing there had been more. Ken Doyle has the ability to make the reader care as much about a character in a short story as they would in a full length novel, which is pretty impressive.

I did have to check on the definition of a few words and 1 or 2 weren’t listed in the kindle dictionary which takes away from the enjoyment of a story when I have to search for a definition.

I like Ken Doyle’s character development and writing, which flows well. The ending was also interesting…definitely not what I expected.

This short story is free on Amazon right now. I definitely recommend grabbing a copy.


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