Book Review: Passion, Power, & Sin Books 1-5 by Mike Wells

17932625Title: Passion, Power, & Sin Books 1-5

Author: Mike Wells

Audio Publication Date: January 2014

Description (from Goodreads):

One spectacular financial scheme. One woman alone against the world. Young, beautiful, and yearning for love, Heather Bancroft meets the “perfect” man…and is lured into a game in which she begins to make more money than she ever imagined. Betrayed by her own innocence, she loses all that is dear to her and discovers that she has been mercilessly used. Defeated and broken, but surviving with sheer persistence and ingenuity, Heather emerges from her trying ordeal, determined to punish the ruthless man who destroyed her life. Her thirst for revenge takes her halfway around the globe, to the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, where her nemesis secludes himself in obscene wealth that he’s gained from the financial ruin of others. Heather is playing for the highest stakes in a lethal game. Only one man loves her – he’s handsome, confident, and just as determined as she is. Only one man can stop her – a criminal mastermind who is intent on her destruction.


I received a free copy of this audiobook for an honest review.

I had listened to Mike Wells’ Lust, Money, and Murder trilogy a few months ago and really enjoyed it so I was excited to listen to this series. His writing reminds me of Sidney Sheldon but with a little more adventure. 

Although these are five separate books, I wouldn’t recommend reading just one or reading them out of order. This is more like 5 books in 1 with each book being a particular part of Heather’s journey.

Mike Wells does a good job of character development, especially of the main character, Heather. That girl really frustrated me at times. I could understand why she did most of the things she did, and she definitely had guts, but there were times I wished someone could talk some sense into her. Wanting revenge is understandable but she could have learned from Gareth. What a guy! He was one of those “too good to be true” guys any woman would want.

Passion, Power, & Sin is full of drama and suspense with a little romance and humor on the side. I definitely recommend it. I was sad to see the series end.