Book Review: Chasing Eden by Sharon Linnea & B.K. Sherer

12035949Title: Chasing Eden

Authors:  Sharon Linnea & B.K. Sherer

Genre: Mystery/thriller

Publication Date: June 2011

Description (from Goodreads):

Book 1 in the Eden Thrillers Series

Bring home the lost sword…

U.S. Army Chaplin Jamie Richards is stunned when her civilian friend Adara Dunbar staggers, mortally wounded, out of the Iraqui night with an urgent “package” for Jamie to drop at the ruins of the ancient city of Ur, now inside a U.S. military base. Jamie is soon pulled into a labyrinth of five-thousand-year-old secrets as she joins forces with Adara’s mysterious brother on a quest through Ur, Babylon, Baghdad, and Iraq’s southern swamps to save a hidden treasure that treacherous men are willing to launch a war to find.

A smart and suspenseful-hold-on-to-your-seat-race to find the site of the original Garden of Eden.


I received a free audio version of this book for an honest review.

Chasing Eden is full of suspense as well as history including Biblical history. In fact, although the history was interesting, it was a little more in depth than I liked but that’s just a personal preference. I found myself having to rewind a few times because my mind started drifting.

The characters are interesting. Poor Jamie has had a lot of loss in her life but she has done a good job of moving on and dedicating her life to helping others. As she thought at one point in the book, she is her job. Adara’s brother is one of those characters who is larger than life but it fits in this story. Everyone in this book is either good or evil. The main characters are truly good souls and the villains are truly evil.

I definitely recommend Chasing Eden especially if you like suspense. I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

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