Book Review: With Mother’s Approval by Mike Wells & Robert Rand

23199240Title: With Mother’s Approval

Authors: Mike Wells & Robert Rand

Genre: Mystery/Suspense

Publication Date: September 29, 2014

About the Book:

When the Seattle Police Department bumbles the investigation of a serial killer who has brutally taken the lives of five women, Detectives Allie and Jeremy Branson take over the case.  The husband and wife team work out of the King County Sheriff Department’s Violent Crime Unit and have one of the best track records in the country.  But this time around, the Bransons are tested to their limits.   Will they catch “The Call Girl Killer,” or will the sadistic murderer continue his spree of horrific crimes unchecked?


I received a free ecopy of this book for an honest review.
I’ve listened to and enjoyed several of Mike Wells’ audioboooks so I was looking forward to reading this book, which is a different genre from the others of his that I have read.
I have always liked a good mystery and With Mother’s Approval didn’t disappoint. It was a bit graphic and made me squeamish at times (I’m not complaining but I thought I’d share that for those who might get more than squeamish).
The characters are interesting. I didn’t like Dano at all, of course, but he was described well. He does horrific things but is able to hide behind his  mother’s money. Allie is your typical literary detective who excels at her job. Her husband, Jeremy, is also a good detective but he rubbed me the wrong way. There’s a time and a place for smart remarks and he oversteps those bounds often.
With Mother’s Approval is a good mystery/suspense with a twist or two and I definitely recommend it.