Book Review: At the Wolf’s Door by Wade Joseph Le Fevre

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23436205Title: At the Wolf’s Door

Author: Wade Joseph Le Fevre

Genre: Suspense

Publication Date: October 21, 2014

About the Book (from Goodreads):

When Brady Bridges was twelve, he set out to solve the disappearance of little Melanie Grace. What he found the fall and winter has haunted him ever since. Police had quickly given up on Melanie, a Kindergartner who lived on the next street and seemed to have vanished without a trace. With the help of his best friend, Brady searched the neighborhood, looking for clues. He soon found a likely suspect in Chet Plumber, an odd man who lived alone, kept to himself, and just may have been a werewolf. The ensuing cat and mouse game revealed a darkness in the world previously unknown to Brady, a darkness in his neighbors, and, worst of all, a darkness within himself. As Brady’s childhood came to an abrupt end, and with the lives of his family at stake, Brady may have done more than sacrifice his own soul to win the battle against evil: he may have sacrificed the souls of others.


I received a free ecopy of this book for an honest review.

I have read a couple of Wade Joseph Le Fevre’s books and I really like his writing so I jumped at the chance to read his newest book. At the Wolf’s Door is different from the other books I’ve read by Wade but it’s just as good.

The main characters are 12 year old boys who aren’t part of the “popular” crowd but they’re best friends and have each other’s backs.  The author captured how typical boys would think in their situation and their creative imaginations. Brady and Elliot, though,  don’t act like typical boys. They’re not all talk. It was also heartwarming that Brady was so concerned for his little sister’s safety.

At the Wolf’s Door is full of suspense and has a couple surprises. What happens over a period of a few short months changes Brady and Elliot’s lives forever. I definitely recommend this book.


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About the Author

Wade is a life-long lover of horror, whether it be in movie or book form. An avid reader and cinephile, Wade spends most of his time either reading, writing or catching up on his backlog of movies. He can usually be found sitting outside reading his Kindle, waiting for his movie to start, depending on how good the book is.

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