Book Review: Fearless Joe Dearborne by Lisa Whitney Mitchell


PP-Native-Cover_4475967_Front-Cover2-640x1024Title: Fearless Joe Dearborne

Author: Lisa Whitney Mitchell

Publication Date: July 11, 2014

Publisher: Independent

Pages: 198

Recommended Ages: 8+

About the Book

Some might say he’s courageous, while others would say he’s daring, maybe even a little crazy. But when Joe Dearborne risked his life and ran into a burning building to save a puppy, the local newspaper referred to him as “fearless”—and that’s a pretty big title for a sixth-grader to live up to.

Plus, Joe already has plenty else to worry about. After other daring feats in the past, Joe promised his father he wouldn’t do anything dangerous again, and, alas, he’s just broken that promise.

But whatever trouble he expects to get into with his father, and despite the dangers he’s triumphed over in the past, nothing could prepare Joe for what he’s about to encounter when a cold, bitterness creeps into his home.

A mysterious and peculiar woman named Mrs. Chill has just been hired to care for Joe while his father is away on business. In no time, however, Joe discovers that she’s up to more than cooking and cleaning, and she has plans to destroy his family. Joe’s effort to save them results in perilous, sometimes humorous, encounters, and leads him on a journey through the threatening wilderness where he faces his greatest challenge yet.

My Review

I received a free ecopy of this book for an honest review.

Poor Joe just can’t win! He’s always in trouble for not thinking before he acts but how can he let people or animals suffer, or even die, if he doesn’t act quickly? Then, when his young neighbor, Green Beans, says that he’s fearless but not brave, that’s the last straw. Joe has to prove to himself that he’s brave. But how?

This book has interesting characters. Joe’s Aunt P is pretty eccentric and his new housekeeper is evil. At least the new cook and her daughter seem pretty normal.

Fearless Joe Dearborne is a quick and easy read. Not only does it have action but it’s full of suspense and is one that children will enjoy.

About the Author

Lisa Whitney Mitchell lives in Florida with her husband, two sons, and their dog. When she’s not writing, she practices law. Fearless Joe Dearborne is her first novel.


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