Top Posts of 2014

I always find it interesting which posts have the most hits and which don’t. It’s impossible to guess what others will like, so I just post what I like and sometimes it gets a lot of hits and sometimes it doesn’t. Just for fun, I’m posting the top 3 posts on my site from 2014.


#1  The Most Important Thing is That People Read – This one didn’t surprise me. I think it’s a great quote. What does surprise me is that I posted it in October so it’s gotten the most hits this year in less than 3 months.






#2  The Best Way to Cheer Yourself UpThis one didn’t surprise me but only because it shows up on my stats every week and it has since March. I expected it to be #1. I like this quote and I think it’s great that a Mark Twain quote is so popular.






#3  My Story Brought Me to You – every once in a while I come across a romantic quote that touches my heart. I like this one but it isn’t my favorite so I was surprised that it has been so popular.




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  1. thereadersammy December 31, 2014 / 8:14 am

    Very cool quotes !


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