Book Review: Litter Bugs Music Audio Story

Litter Bugs


About the Book:

Bugsville is a lovely town in which everything is neat and clean and all of the bugs work together to keep it that way. Then, one day, the bugs have more trash than usual to pick up. They find that there are some litter bugs in town. Instead of getting upset, they invite those bugs to join their club with the stipulation that they help keep the trash picked up.


My Review:

I was given this audio story for an honest review.

I had listened to several music audio stories by Busy Bees Publishing in the past and thought they were cute, fun, and age appropriate. This story is for children ages 3 to 7. The dialogue is simple enough for children to understand and the story also has background music and sound effects. It’s short which is important for a young child because, as we all know, they get easily distracted.

Litter Bugs is not only a fun story to listen to but it teaches children problem solving, how to get along with others, and, of course, not to litter!

I think these stories are great for kids. There’s a free download of one of the stories, March of the Ants,  if you want to try for yourself if you have youngsters.






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