Book Review: The Braille Club by J.A. Kerr

23644345Title: The Braille Club

Author: J. A. Kerr

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publication Date: November 29, 2014

Summary (from Goodreads)

Benedict is the master of detachment; this detachment will last until his first encounter with The Braille Club. It will become his obsession. He meets Siena, another club member with explosive results. This is their story; about the games they play and their all-consuming passion.
Harrisons is London’s newest private members club and home to the secret Braille Club.
“The Braille Club is just another club, like a diamond is just a stone!”
Benedict’s eyes are closed…
What does he hear… a gasp… silence, a sensuous aroma… arousal, and then… a touch. He’s ready. Are you?
The Braille Club… imagine an air of darkness where extraordinary things happen to you and your senses. Where only touch leaves a memory…
Welcome to the world of a select group, who walk into the dark, in order to see the light. Who need to be blind … before they can see…?

My Review

I received a free ecopy and I am receiving a small fee for an honest review.

J.A. Kerr has created a unique private club called the Braille Club and has built several stories of couples who are members of the club.

The way this story is written is interesting. Some of the stories are in the present and some are in the future. There are also flashbacks to the past. While this could have been confusing, the author pulls it off and the story actually flows well. I also liked the blurbs at the beginning of each chapter that explain how the Braille Club works. The one thing that was frustrating was the lack of punctuation, especially quotation marks.

The characters were well developed and I enjoyed how they and their relationships progressed throughout the novel. I also found it interesting that I had trouble relating to Benedict at the beginning but, eventually, as he found his emotions, he became different, likeable, person.

I definitely recommend this book. It is full of drama, joy, love , sex, intimacy, and even some suspense. I look forward to reading Braille II but I hope J.A. Kerr invests in an editor for the next book.

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