Book Review: High Country Holiday by Glynna Kaye

22309789Title: High Country Holiday

Author: Glynna Kaye

Genre: Inspirational Romance

Publication Date: October 21, 2014

About the Book

When Cody Hawk returns to Canyon Springs, Arizona, to make peace with his ailing father, his bad-boy reputation is still intact. So is his love for the woman he was forced to leave behind. But the privileged Paris Perslow is still off-limits. When Paris needs his help with the annual holiday gala, Cody braves the town’s disapproving glances for a second chance with his first love. Years ago Cody promised he’d return for her. But with everyone and everything against them, what will it take to prove to Paris that his love is the perfect gift?


My Review

Cody and Paris have loved each other since they were kids but since they were on the opposite sides of the tracks, she was expected to marry someone from the “elite” part of town.

Now, years after Cody left town to get away from his abusive father, he’s back and the feelings are still there. Now that they’re adults, can they overcome the old obstacles they’d faced when they were younger?

The characters in High Country Holiday are typical small town God-fearing people. Everyone knows what is going on with everyone else. Cody and Paris are Christians tying to live a good Christian life. They both have a lot to deal with and a lot to forgive but they are trying. I liked both of them and found myself wanting them to find a way to be together.

High Country Holiday is a good Christmas-time inspirational romance.

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