Book Review: The Patriarch by Mike Wells

25436032Title: The Patriarch (Wild Child #3)

Author:  Mike Wells

Genre: Young Adult

Publication Date: April 25, 2015

About the Book

(from Goodreads)

Kyle and Briana find themselves ensnared in the bizarre Evergreen Colony, hopelessly addicted to the magical green water. At first glance, Evergreen appears to be a utopia. Each of the nearly five hundred members enjoys extraordinary physical and mental abilities, perfect health, and nearly eternal life. But there’s a catch: once you drink the water, you can never leave. Kyle soon discovers that one man may have secretly developed an antidote–the former Evergreen Patriarch. Can Kyle track him down without being killed, or will they be trapped in the colony forever?

Readers of all ages will enjoy this gripping, fast-paced story.


My Review

I received a free ecopy of this book for an honest review.

I started The Patriarch as soon as I finished the second book in this series, Lilith. This trilogy is fast-paced and it’s hard to put the books down once you start them.

The roles of Kyle and Brianna are kind of reversed in The Patriarch. Now, she is the one who follows the rules and his is the one who breaks them. It takes Kyle a little longer than I had hoped to figure out what he needs to do to possibly leave Evergreen, but once he figures it out, there’s no stopping him.

The Patriarch had some twists and surprises and even though I figured out the biggest twist very early, I still really enjoyed the book.

I definitely recommend the Wild Child trilogy and I hope the next trilogy will be available soon.