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Book Description

The Lives Between Us is about family and love. It’s about desperate people doing what they need to, to save the ones they love.

Grief-stricken reporter, Skylar Kendall, plots revenge on Michigan Sen. Hastings who opposed life-saving stem cell research and therapy. She gains access to Hastings, learning secrets that would launch her career and satisfy her need for retribution… Only, she hadn’t counted on falling in love.

Can she avenge the lives lost to politics at the expense of her new love and friends?


My Review

 I received a free ecopy of this book for an honest review.

The Lives Between Us is women’s fiction full of love and tragedy, loyalty and heartache. It’s one of those books that is difficult to put down.

The characters are well-developed and it’s easy to empathize with them. The main character, Skye, is immature and overreacts at times but she eventually comes around. Her boyfriend, Mark, is patient for the most part. He’s not perfect, but he comes close. All of the characters have gone through so much, and they continue to face tragedy, but are able to get through it by leaning on each other.

The issue of stem cell therapy plays a big part in this story. Skye blames her niece’s death on Edward Hastings for opposing embryonic stem cell therapy. Senator Hastings, on the other hand, believes it’s a moral issue and that using embryos is the same as murder. Both sides of the issue are explained well and both Skye and Edward Hastings are sure that they are right and there’s no changing their minds.

I definitely recommend The Lives Between Us especially if you like drama. Be sure to have a box of tissues handy.


Backcover copy

How far would you go to save the one you love?

Reporter Skylar Kendall has run from commitment all her life, pushing people away before they leave her, until her niece worms her way into Skye’s heart and settles in tight. Skye relaxes into a career she enjoys and relishes being a doting aunt.

Then her niece becomes gravely ill. Unable to bear yet another loss, Skye is determined to find a cure, but the girl’s only hope lies in the embryonic stem cell therapy Michigan Senator Edward Hastings repeatedly opposes. When Skye fails to find alternative treatment in time, she vows to end the senator’s political career.

Curious about the woman behind the scathing articles on his best friend, Mark Dutton pursues Skye. Dating Mark gives her access to Hastings’s life and secrets that would launch Skye’s career and satisfy her need for retribution… Only she hadn’t counted on falling in love.

Can she avenge the lives lost to politics at the expense of her new love and friends?


About the Author 

Theresa Tree Close 2013_0279Theresa Rizzo is a bestselling, award-winning author who writes emotional stories that explore the complexity of relationships and families through real-life trials. 
Born and raised in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, she currently lives outside of Boulder, Colorado with her husband of thirty-two years. She’s raised four wonderful children who are now scattered across the country.

Theresa’s debut book, He Belongs to Me, won the 2014 National Indie Excellence Award for romance and the 2014 Readers Crown Award for Mainstream Women’s Fiction and was a finalist in the General Fiction Category of The 2013 USA Best Book Awards.  

Find Theresa on the web at, or connect with her on Facebook, twitter or and Goodreads.


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