Book Review: Robert & Johnson’s Space Adventure Music Audio Story


Robert & Johnson's Space Adventure

About the Book

There was a forest called Forest Friendly where all of the animals were very good friends but the two best of friends were Robert the brown bear and Johnson the badger. They loved to play guitar and banjo and sing cheerful songs. One day, when they were out in the forest playing guitar and banjo, they found a strange round metal object. They climbed inside. What they didn’t know was that this was no cave. It was a Spaceship!

The story includes an original classical soundtrack with a psychedelic space theme and a cheerful song written by the two lead actors in the story, Aris Tsigaras as Robert the bear and Aaron John as the badger. Cormac McCoy is the voice of Bowda the alien. The story teaches children about our Solar System and the Planets. Accompanied by unique sound effects throughout.


My Review:

I was given this audio story for an honest review.

I had listened to several music audio stories by Busy Bees Publishing in the past and thought they were cute, fun, and age appropriate. This story is for children ages 4 and up. The dialogue is simple enough for children to understand. It’s also short so it should keep the attention of even the younger children.

Robert & Johnson’s Space Adventure is not only a fun story to listen to but it teaches children about our solar system and the planets.



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