Book Review: Waking Dream by J.J. DiBenedetto

22012362Title: Waking Dream (Dreams #5)

Author: J.J. (James) DiBenedetto

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal

Publication Date: 2014


About the Book

“Oh, God! We can hurt each other. Whatever we do to each other in the dream, we’ll do it to ourselves for real…”

When her own dreams are visited by a mysterious woman in a red dress, Sara realizes she has something she never expected: a counterpart, someone outside her family who shares her talent to see other people’s dreams.

When the woman in red keeps showing up in other dreams as well, leaving ruined lives in her wake, Sara knows she has something she never imagined: a nemesis.

Now, Sara must track the woman in red down in the waking world, before she’s forced to fight for her life in her dreams…

Waking Dream is the fifth novel in the Dreams series.



My Review

I received a free copy of the audiobook for an honest review.

Waking Dream is the fifth book in the Dream Series. I listened to the first two books, Dream Student and Dream Doctor, and they were okay but I liked the third book, Dream Child, the most. The fourth book, Dream Family, was my least favorite of the series because Sara, the main character, was so pitiful rather than her usual strong self. Since I feel like I know Sara and her family by now, I was still looking forward to reading the next book.

A lot of what happens in these books is about family. They’re able to get through anything by sticking together and supporting each other. There are still times that Sara drives me crazy when she gets melodramatic, but this is still a good story.

Waking Dream contains a lot of drama and mystery. Someone is invading the dreams of Sara’s husband, Brian, and she needs to find out who it is and why this woman in red keeps showing up. And when someone that Brian works with commits suicide, Sara knows that the woman in red has something to do it and she feels like she has to find her before she hurts someone else.

This is the first narrator of these books that I like. She has a good speaking voice with good timing.

I recommend Waking Dream and I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series.


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About the Author

J.J. (James) Dibenedetto‘s fans would swear he’s got a sixth sense when it comes to seeing into the minds of others and often wonder if his stories could possibly be fiction. He enjoys suspending disbelief with suspenseful paranormal tales that are a perfect blend of reality meets fantasy.

His popular Dream Series continues to delight readers with each and every exciting installment.

Born in Yonkers, New York, he currently resides in Arlington Virginia with his beautiful wife and a cat he is sure has taken full advantage of its nine lives. When it comes to the cat, he often wonders, but then again it might just be his imagination.

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