Book Review: Going Home by Emma Lindhagen

24199704Title: Going Home

Author: Emma Lindhagen

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Number of Pages: 60

About the Book

Orryn ran away from home as a young teenager. After years spent trying to forget, she is forced to face the memories she’s been hiding from.
Thea never understood why her sister left. Her childhood was happy and she lives her adult life surrounded by people she loves, but she never stopped wondering.
When the two sisters meet again, a struggle to mend the bond they once shared, and reconcile their differing memories of their childhood, begins.

In a world were blending in is valued above everything else, scars can be a dangerous thing to show. After years of drifting and hiding, Orryn returns to her homeland and must choose between baring her scars and losing her sister a second time.

My Review

I received a free ecopy of this book for an honest review.

Going Home is a novella packed with drama. Even though it is short, I felt like I got to know Orryn pretty well by the end, once I learned her whole story. I’m not sure why she was always paranoid about being noticed by the Wardens (basically the police) and I expected an explanation of that at some point, but it never came.

I wasn’t sure if the story was supposed to be sometime in the future or if it was an alternate universe. There was rationing, at least of alcohol, as well as Wardens who watch for any “deviant” behavior. There wasn’t internet but there was digimail, a replacement for snail mail. It seemed to me that it could have taken place here, in the present, and would have been just as good of a story.

Overall, I did like Going Home with all of its drama and I liked the ending.

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