Book Review: Grocery Store Alphabet Game by Teresa Stern

2015-09-11_19-19-34Title: Grocery Store Alphabet Game

Author: Teresa Stern

Genre: Children’s Books

Publication Date: 2014

About the Book

The Grocery Store Alphabet Game is about a little girl who doesn’t like to go grocery shopping. Mom decided to make a game that would be fun for her daughter. Mom and Daughter take turns finding everything from A to Z while they shop and discover how fast time went by while they had a lot of fun together. This is an excellent book for those just learning the alphabet, or for those beginning readers.

My Review

The Grocery Store Alphabet Game is a children’s book about a girl who gets bored grocery shopping so her mom makes a game out of it. While her mom shops, they find items in the store that start with the letters of the alphabet starting with A. They talk about each item as they find it and there are cute illustrations to go with each item as well. By the time they get to Z, they’re done shopping! 

What a great idea! This is a cute book that also helps children learn the alphabet. It’s also a fun game that children and their parents can play when they go grocery shopping and it can be different every time they play.


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