Book Review: Evolved by Aubrey Coletti

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EvolvedTitle: Evolved
Author: Aubrey Coletti
Publisher: Escape Artist Press
Pages: 451
Genre: YA/Scifi/Thriller



About the Book

The boarders of J. Alter High have fought their school, sabotaged their school, and attempted to destroy their school. Yet the powerful Academy and its enigmatic Headmistress have remained always one step ahead of them. Now they must decide whether or not to work with the school, to unlock the abilities that brought them there — a decision that could tear them all apart. But choose they must, before they are out of moves, out of options . . . and out of time.

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My Review

I received a free copy of this book for an honest review.

I was asked to review this book and Dorothy with Pump Up Your Books was gracious enough to send ecopies of the first 2 books, Altered and Shattered, as well. I didn’t really have time to read 3 books, but since I love to read series, I made the time and I’m glad I did because I’ve enjoyed reading all 3 books, and I feel like I’ve gotten to know the characters so well!

The Academy series is about delinquent teens who are sent to a high school for behavioral modification. The Academy was started when the town was having a lot of behavioral problems with their teens. In addition to the town’s students, they have seven boarders from out of town. The Headmistress recruited them because of their special abilities. Along with those abilities they each also have a mental illness that the Headmistress believes they can overcome without the aid of medication. In Evolved, she tries to convince them to work with her to develop their abilities rather than fighting against her and the school. What happens is unexpected but not surprising.

In Evolved, the boarders still want to get out of The Academy. They helped Melvin escape in the last book but the rest of them still want to escape.

These are not your typical young adult books. The students are probably more realistic in this book than in most young adult books I’ve read even though they all have a mental illness. There is a lot of profanity, bickering, and self doubt. Joseph and Ann, who are dating, fight a lot but I think a lot of it is because of their pent up pain and anger and not knowing how to dealt with it.

Aubrey Coletti’s writing style is easy to follow. Her descriptions are good but not so detailed that you get lost in them. 

I liked Evolved and I recommend it for young adults and adults alike. It does contain some profanity but not as much as the first book did. It stands alone but I recommend reading the entire series to get the most out of it.



About the Author

Aubrey ColettiAubrey Coletti is a twenty-three year old singer-songwriter, dancer, and author, who began her first novel while still in high school. Now graduated from Sarah Lawrence College, she has three published novels in The Academy Series, Altered, Shattered, and Evolved.


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