Book Review & Giveaway: Wasp’s Nest by Gabriel Valjan

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About the Book

In the highly anticipated sequel to Roma, Underground, Bianca returns to the U.S. for her former employer, the covert organization Rendition, to investigate Cyril Sargent and Nasonia Pharmaceutical. Although ambivalent about the assignment and uneasy about her online “friend,” Loki, she is enticed into researching what Sargent is doing with insect genetics that might upset the world of cancer research and treatment. Old friends Farrugia and Gennaro uncover a twisted conspiracy from their past and join Bianca in Boston where they will experience conflicted loyalties, question allies, and confront uncertain enemies, as they’re drawn into the wasp’s nest.


My Review

I received a free ecopy of this book for an honest review.

Wasp’s Nest is the second book in the Roma Series. In the first book, Roma, Underground, Alabaster Black, aka Bianca Nerini, was in Rome, hiding from her former employer, Rendition. In Wasp’s Nest, she is in Boston and working for Rendition once again.

I really like these characters. Alabaster/Bianca is a strong, smart woman who left her new boyfriend, Dante, to come back to the U.S. Since she has always been independent, I thought part of the reason she left Rome was because she was scared, which was later verified. I was disappointed that their relationship had ended because it was just getting started in Roma, Underground! Gennaro and Farrugia also end up in Boston on another matter and Bianca realizes that they are like family to her.

There are some new characters in Wasp’s Nest who I enjoyed getting to know, especially the Chef, whose restaurant Bianca found. She fell in love with his cooking and did everything she could to help his little start up Italian restaurant.

Gabriel Valjan has incorporated history and cuisine in Wasp’s Nest which, I believe, many readers will enjoy. I’m not one for detailed descriptions, especially of food, but that’s a personal preference. There are some twists, a couple of interesting and intertwined mysteries, and a good ending. I’m looking forward to reading Threading the Needle, the next book in the series.

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About the Author

Gabriel ValjanGabriel Valjan lives in New England, but has traveled extensively, receiving his undergraduate education in California and completing graduate school in England. Ronan Bennett short-listed him for the 2010 Fish Short Story Prize for his Boston noir, Back in the Day. His short stories and poetry have appeared in literary journals and online magazines.

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