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About the Book

It was the first day of school and anxieties were running high. For certain​ ​there was the excitement of moving up a grade, but there was also the dread of anything and everything that could go wrong. Not only were the possibilities endless, they were totally out of your control. Whether or not you were accepted rested squarely on the shoulders of the popular kids. Suppose you were too short or too tall; too smart or not smart enough; too rich or too poor; or just plain different?

These thoughts were fresh on the minds of Otis, Chandler and Marissa. Three pre-teens whose paths had never crossed, although they lived in the same town in Connecticut. Their backgrounds were so diverse they may as well have lived worlds apart. That was all about to change when on their way to school a series of bizarre events lump them together. Literally!

Join them on this unreal journey to alternate realities never before re­vealed. Go back in time to a parallel past, the All Agos. Coexist in a present experience that mirrors your own, the Ne’er Now. Finally and with greater understanding, manifest in a future of your creation, the Will Be Once.

Then you will have come closer to achieving …as it should.


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My Review

I received a free copy of this book for an honest review.

When I started reading Convergence, I thought it was for middle school readers because it’s about three pre-teens who are starting junior high who meet on their first day of school. As I continued to read, though, I decided that it would be a book more suited for young adults or even adults because it’s a long book and the reading is slow. 

After the first few chapters, I had some difficulty. There’s a lot going on but the writing is difficult to follow and, although the concept is good, the way it’s presented made it confusing for me. A couple things that made it more difficult were that there were no breaks in the text when it went from one scene to the next. Also, there were a lot of tense changes…one sentence in the past and the next in the present.

I did like Marissa, Otis, and Chandler and the bond they formed right from the start. The end was a big surprise and because of the ending, I believe there may be a second book.


Author’s Bio

Trudie L. HayesTrudie L. Hayes’ personal story and family life influenced her mission to spread the core values of self-acceptance, self-esteem, and self-love to children and persons of all ages. An affiliation with physically and mentally disabled adults and children spanning many years is a major contributing factor. The caregiver role has been paramount throughout much of her life, even while furthering her education or working full-time in a corporate setting.

These experiences have given her a deep understanding of the trials and struggles associated with a compromised existence. As well as the inspiration and joy derived from living life to one’s personal best.

It is through these myriad life experiences that Hayes began writing and registering several related trademarks. With a grander vision of promoting confidence and self-worth.

Born and raised in Connecticut, Hayes still calls the Nutmeg State home. The oldest of two children, she remains close to her siblings. When Hayes is not writing or managing her business, she dedicates her time to other creative outlets and artistic pursuits. Hayes has a deep appreciation and passion for music in its many forms; she enjoys writing song lyrics, performing, and has an affinity for Jazz.


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  1. Sandra Watts October 29, 2015 / 10:07 am

    Cool. It sounds like a exciting adventure.


    • sleepygirl2 October 29, 2015 / 10:19 am

      It is, and the end blew me away.


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