Audio Story Review: Weird & Wonderful by Music Audio Stories

Weird and Wonderful


Flyer_HalloweenMy Review

What a sweet tale! It’s about a centipede and his friends who are each some time of bug. I never thought about hugging a slug before I listened to this, not that I think I could now.

Even though this story is short, about 4 minutes, it gives children a new perspective on bugs…even though they’re weird, they’re still wonderful. It includes some singing that is geared to young children. Since the attentions span of youngsters is so short, this story is just the right length!

Weird & Wonderful is a great story for parents or classrooms. I went to the Music Audio Stories websitewhich not only has information about the story, but also how to teach children about insects. There are 8 other audio stories available, some of which I’ve reviewed in the past. They’re great for young children.


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