Guest Post: Transforming Barriers into Success by Zaheen Nanji, author of The Resilience Reflex

Did you know that there are 8 Keys to Transforming Barriers into Success in Life and Business?

We all experience challenging life experiences such as a death of a loved one, loss of a job, serious illness, and other traumatic events. It is how we deal and adapt to life’s ups and downs that move us forward instead of backwards. The American Psychological Association defines resilience as the ability to adapt well to adapt well over time to life-changing situations and stressful conditions.

Resilience is the process of adapting well and moving forward in the face of adversity, stress and tragedy. Resilience teaches individuals how to pivot from setbacks to success. Never giving up on myself was an important factor for me to overcome many struggles throughout my life. I have bounced back from not being able to speak because of my speech impediment, and from moving halfway across the world without my parents at the age of 15. I lived in country ravished by war called Africa. At age 5, an incident left me with a speech impediment-stuttering. I was also able to overcome a long battle with food, once being 40 pounds overweight.

Yet today I managed, and completed my education in Nutrition & Food Science, and Environmental Health. I work fulltime in the health field, manage two businesses – a wellness centre and my professional speaking career. This journey led me to write two books and become an award-winning author.

Both of my books, Attract Your Ideal Weight: 8 Secrets of People Who Lose Weight and Keep It Off, and my new release The Resilience Reflex dives into the behavior changes and mindset of people who have been successful and provides real-life experiences of people who have overcome their obstacles.

The Resilience Reflex took seven months to write and has plenty of real life stories from individuals who are resilient. Reading this book will inspire you to find solutions to your most pressing personal and professional challenges. The book includes self-assessment questions that help the reader discover their limiting patterns and how they can change them. This book provides everyday coping skills; developing resilience helps people in life and business.

Someone once said, “Life is not measured by how many times I fall down, but by how many times I’m able to get up.” Amazon Bestseller The Resilience Reflex is available on Amazon and other retailers. When you order the book you receive as a bonus gift The Resilience Reflex Workbook – 3 Powerful Steps to Get Unstuck and Bounce Back, this is available at

by Zaheen Nanji



Book Excerpt

flatCuriosity is borne from our attitude, and psychologists define attitude as a learned tendency to evaluate things in a certain way. When resilient individuals approach a difficult situation, they have an attitude of being curious, patient, and optimistic, thereby diminishing fear of change.

Attitudes are also formed as a direct result of our experiences, values, and beliefs, and these guide our behaviours and actions toward a response. You’ve heard people say, “Have a positive attitude,” but what does that mean? When I research resiliency in individuals, I have found that positive attitude encompasses the following traits that are guided by values and beliefs:

  • Creative and solution-thinking…


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4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Transforming Barriers into Success by Zaheen Nanji, author of The Resilience Reflex

  1. Sandra Watts December 14, 2015 / 8:20 pm

    Thanks for hosting. I actually joined the FB group too. I can’t follow on Twitter because they say I am at my limit but I am following other places.


  2. Yvonne December 16, 2015 / 9:16 am

    Thank you for having Zaheen Nanji on your site.


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