Book Review: Timothy Other by L. Sydney Abel



A 12-year-old adventurer, the intriguingly named Timothy Other, escapes the Dreams and Hopes Orphanage and travels to the bizarre world of Marzipan Mountain, where he befriends some amazing creatures. With the help of his friends, Timothy seeks to discover his true origins and returns to the Orphanage. He becomes embroiled in a matter of life and death and faces the evil forces that crave the secret of ‘Golden Life’.



My Review

I received a free ecopy of this book from the author for an honest review.

I enjoyed this book quite a bit. Timothy has lived in an orphanage all of his life and it’s not so bad until the man who owns it, Mr. Penny, dies. It’s bought by a horrible man and he hires Ms. Finn who is evil and abusive to the children. Timothy decides to leave the orphanage and that’s when his adventure begins. He ends up on Marzipan Mountain and meets some amazing, and weird, friends. By the time he returns to the orphanage, several people are looking for him.

Timothy is 12 years old and doesn’t know anything about his past. If Mr. Penny hadn’t died, he may have never had the desire to leave the orphanage. He ends up meeting a giant talking mouse, a giant talking caterpillar, and a creature who could pass as Bigfoot. Many of the characters are funny in their own way.

Timothy Other could be a great book if it weren’t so long. It has adventure, fun characters, and a bit of magic. I believe 8-12 year olds would like it best but I don’t know if readers that age would stick with such a long book.

The author had this book edited and re-released. I didn’t get a copy of the edited version, but a good edit would make this good book a great book.


Available on Amazon.


About the Author

6202926L. Sydney Abel is the pen name of Lawrence Abel. He was born and raised in Kingston upon Hull, England. He is married and has two grown-up children. He has written and illustrated several books for children and young adults, including Timothy Other: The boy who climbed Marzipan Mountain.
He has recently ventured into the world of adult fiction, where experiences of the supernatural kind have stimulated his imagination. His latest novel 12:07 The Sleeping, is based on personal experience of Sleep Paralysis or Old Hag Syndrome. This book reveals a creature with human shape, draped in death’s black, shrouding a white skull face; its eyes are hollow depths to hell. Lawrence calls this creature The Sleeping, as it comes for him whilst he sleeps, yet he feels wide-awake.

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